Golden Spike in Pristine Condition

If a brain injury or bad DNA has left you unconvinced that the Growlers and Stella systems offer some of the Pacific Northwest’s best trail, Saturday’s ride would have changed what’s left of your mind.

Joel, Dave, Jack, Erik, Lipton, Paul, Mel, Silent Bob and I rode up from the Growlers side, testing part of a new line Paul is working on and also riding Little Sister before heading for the Spike.

Mel’s hardcore training regimen turned out to be a detriment. Not far past Double Down, she applied so much torque that she ripped off her left pedal, and she and Paul were forced to call it a day.

The climb from the bridge on the Monahan Creek to the clearcut is tough but doable, with the top-out point at about 2,000 feet. The tread is in sterling condition, in large part because Ken Pearson, Bob Stanton, and Joel have spent so much time on it training for this weekend’s Cascade Creampuff.

And the downhill – oh, my. Swoopy stuff, plenty of interesting switchbacks and the occasional log-over popping up seemingly out of nowhere all combine to make it a great descent.

If you haven’t been up there, you need to make it a priority. And if you have, you need to hit it again because it’s not going to get better than it is right now.

Saturday reminded me why I’m not into driving two hours to ride eight miles of trail – what we have here is off the chain.

Silent Bob on the bridge. I still can't believe the wuss didn't ride it.
The crew at the top.
Dave on the way back. There really is a trail there.
I did not think it was possible for anyone to have both tires go flat at the same time, but Erik proved me wrong.
Erik rails a corner. Check that sweet tread.

One thought on “Golden Spike in Pristine Condition”

  1. Concur, oh Godfather. The Growlers side from the clear cut down is in GGReat shape! It was only there that Hinkle and I finally got some flow going on Saturday. By that time he was getting loopy with fatigue and rode most of KMA with his left arm sticking straight out. I finally had to remind him that he had left his turn signal on.

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