Beginner, Intermediate Pump Tracks Ready to Ride!

All of the planning and hard work is now paying off!

A stalwart crew from Growlers Gulch Racing constructed the beginner and intermediate pump tracks at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Sunday, July 10th.

See photos at the bottom of this post – they don’t do it justice but will give you a general idea.

The group included Randy Toney, Kevin Knorr, Thomas Mueller, Ryan McMaster, Andrew Holder, John Kowalski, Greg Ogden, Miles Olin, Jeff Muldoon, Dara Muldoon, Dave LeMonds, Mike Van Hoose, Erik Carlson, Aaron Althaeuser, and John Toney.

Randy, Kevin and Ryan were on site at 7:30 to lay out the design they have been working on for months. Randy’s dad, John, showed up at 9:30 to begin staging the dirt. The rest of the crew arrived at 10:30 and focused on building rollers, doubles and berms.

Randy said the dirt – which came from the scrape-off of the old BMX track – appears to be in good shape. Everything was watered in, so now it’s a matter of seeing how it compacts when ridden in. He expects tweaking to be needed.

Huge thanks to everyone involved for their hard work. So much time and effort have gone into this that it’s incredibly gratifying to see it move from concept to reality.

By the way: I was unable to attend the build-day, and this has led to a number of unjust and unwarranted personal attacks.

Yes, I was in Las Vegas for part of the week – but I was there on behalf of Growlers Gulch Racing to lay the groundwork for our Southwest fundraising effort. The tequila sampler? The massage? The gourmet meals? The 2,000-square-foot suite at the Encore? I don’t like any of that stuff.  I did it for you guys.

And while we’re on the subject of sacrifice, I was forced to spend all of Saturday at the cabana at the European pool at the Encore. Please note that it’s the European pool, not the Nipple Pool as some have suggested.

Next step? The expert pump track – and the design Kevin and Randy have come up with is going to knock your nipples off.

Board of Director shown here toiling at the Encore pool for Growlers Gulch Racing

2 thoughts on “Beginner, Intermediate Pump Tracks Ready to Ride!”

  1. Looking great! I’ll be heading out tomorrow to check it out. What’s next on the agenda?

  2. The expert track is next up. And it is going to be unreal. Randy and Kevin have been keeping the design under wraps for the past few months. I was able to get a sneak-peek and it is very impressive.

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