Rogauskas Finishes at Cascade Creampuff

All those big training rides on the Golden Spike paid off for Joel Rogauskaus, who earned a finisher’s hat by completing the Cascade Creampuff in 13 hours and 44 minutes on July 11th. The 100-mile event, which combined intense gravel climbing with vicious single-track descending, was held at Oakridge, Oregon.

And he did it on a rigid single-speed!

Joel spent several months racking up Triple G’s – riding from the Stella gate to the Growlers gate and back to Stella – of approximately 50 miles. During the final run-up, he ramped up his training to complete several 5 G’s, which totalled 82 miles.

Even with all that preparation, he called the Creampuff the toughest physical challenge he has ever faced.

Doug Krumpleman finished first in 9:21. Rebecca Rusch topped the women’s division with a 9:55.

Disciples of Dirt pioneer Dave Hallock – who rode at this year’s Growlers Gulch 5,000 – completed his fifth Creampuff with a time of 13:52. Hallock called Rogauskus’ effort a remarkable accomplishment.

“Joel took a brutal event and made it about twice as hard as it already is by riding a rigid single-speed,” Hallock said. “I can’t imagine which I’d rather do without at the Puff – gears or suspension – but to do without both borders on suicidal. My hat is off to Joel. Impressive is too mild a term to describe what he did.”

Bob Stanton completed approximately 70 miles in nine hours before withdrawing. 

“I had quite a few muscle cramps even though I took over 30 Endurolytes,” he said. “Also, the downhill sections were so fast and bumpy at speed that my hands, wrists, and especially my previously-injured right thumb were screaming at me on my second descent to the point that I was worried I might re-tear the tendon. I don’t know if I really had a third lap in me, though my cramping was receeding.”  

Ken Pearson suffered a severe ankle injury ten days prior to the race and was unable to start. He and his wife, Nancy, along with Joel’s daughter, Jessie, worked one of the aid stations during the event.



Scott Adams (left) signals “five” for Dave Hallock’s fifth Creampuff finish

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  1. Joel did an incredible job ratcheting up his own training and then finishing the ‘Puff. While we all ‘knew’ Joel is an extremely strong rider, now we KNOW!
    Ken and I have discussions already underway for a rematch next year, and even Joel is considering it. Paul? Mel? Anyone else? Outside of the pain it really is a fun event. :p

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