Super D Route Now Set

The Board of Director has settled on the ride route for the 2011 Super D, scheduled for September 17th. This event is sponsored by Growlers Gulch Racing.

The race will start at the top of the Legacy and then hit WFT, Vortex, Jekyll, the Lower KMA’s and the Secret Garden. We don’t have an accurate distance on it yet, but best-guess is about 3.5 miles. Eric Loney completed a practice run in 19:29 this week. That will give you something to shoot for.

How hard can it be?

You point your bike down the hill, use a little brake occasionally, and breeze to the finish. You won’t even break a sweat.

Yes, you could bring up the fact that there are roots, off-camber corners and several hundred trees in play. But you guys have skill – which is why no more than 75 percent of last year’s entrants crashed and burned in one or more places along the route.

We will have three categories and a women’s division. The Board has already identified those who sandbagged at last year’s event – yes, Crump and Ryane, I’m talking to you – and will make sure that situation is rectified this time around during the seeding process.

The Super D will be followd by the Growlers Gulch TT on October 1st and the Climbing Championship on October 22nd.

Results from the 2010 Super D.

4 thoughts on “Super D Route Now Set”

  1. Sounds great, but I take a little offense to the Sandbag comment. I just happened to have a better than expected run with a pretty good hang over.

  2. I rode most of the route for the Super D today. Legacy and the beginning of KMA are in desperate need of maintenance. Legacy is so over grown, you can barely make out the trail.

  3. Paul is planning to get a weed-eater up there. The tread isn’t bad but we are going to be fighting the brush for the next few years. Just part of building in a clear-cut. It will all be taken care of before the Super D. If you are interested and can get a weed-eater up there, feel free to go at it. We’ve been busy with the bike park and haven’t had enogh time for all the projects on the list.

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