Dave, Smitty on Injured List

Tough news for two GGR stalwarts.

Dave LeMonds has received word that he will miss the entire summer and fall ride seasons due to a back injury.

Dave has experienced extreme leg pain during the past two months. An MRI revealed a herniated disc that will require surgery and rehab. 

He will miss the Super D, Time Trial and Climbing Championship, as well as Mel’s epic birthday ride on Labor Day.

“I can already feel myself atrophying,” he said. 

As you may recall, back in the day when we only had four events at Growlers, Dave missed out on Four Wheel recognition when he opted out of the 2008 TT to earn the health card needed to operate a snack wagon. This precipitated Mike Van Hoose to refer to the snack cart guru as “Old Three-Wheel Dave.”

This year, Dave was relatively healthy and in line for Fist of Five Recognition, so he is very bitter about being relegated to Two-Finger status.

Guy Smith went down in flames while riding with Paul Norris on WTF on Saturday.

He missed a left turn and tatered himself on a tree, breaking his humerus in multiple places just beneath the ball of the shoulder.

“It appears that the ball is just floating around,” Smitty said. His physician says the ball also may be broken.

He is meeting with a surgeon on Tuesday and expects three to four months for recovery.

Send best wishes or witty sarcasm by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. You can also contact Dave at dalemonds@peacehealth.org and Smitty at guysmith1@live.com.


3 thoughts on “Dave, Smitty on Injured List”

  1. Sadly I have been on the IR since May as well (no I wasn’t trying to ignore all you) and out indefinently with an autoimmune disorder. I’m hoping to be back on the trails and riding to the top of Legacy soon…but I have no time frame.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear that. You guys will be in my prayers and I’ll toast to a speedy recovery.

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