Legacy Trail Crew Makes a Big Dent

Huge thanks to the trail crew from Growlers Gulch Racing that hit Legacy on Saturday. Thanks also to Dara Hartman for organizing the effort.

The crew included Dara, Laurie Larsen, Wynne Lobel, Chris Laughlin, April Kincaide, April’s friend Kalani, Nancy Pearson, Denise Livingston, Juntu and Shane Oberg, Jeff Muldoon, Vaughn Martin, Barry DeSemple, Kelley Hinkle, Travis Degn and Greg Ogden.

The goal was to finish the line connecting WTF to the top so that it would be primed for the Super D and then make as much progress as possible on the rest of the overgrown line.

Dara reports that the Super D line off the top is completely clear. “Our group spread out in the middle of the trail and tried to clear the worst sections and open it up a bit,” Dara said. “We couldn’t get to all of it but it is much better and the downhill section is ready for sure.”

Please note that this type of effort will be needed annually for the next 3 to 5 years. Until the trees are tall enough to discourage the weeds, we will be dealing with this problem. Building in a clearcut has its baggage. We knew that going in and I think virtually everyone understands that it’s worth the effort to keep this fantastic trail open.

Thanks again from all of us to everyone who participated.

Two photos of the trail crew, followed by some Vortex footage, courtesy of Kelley. Wynne gets a little air to start things off and Jeff gets bigger air to close it out.


2 thoughts on “Legacy Trail Crew Makes a Big Dent”

  1. What a great job! Thanks for pitching in a keeping in and tackling the ongoing challenge with Legacy. This is what sets Growlers apart from other trail areas and makes it so enjoyable.

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