Bike Park Work Day Set for September 18th

Our fourth major work party at the Castle Rock Bike Park is on tap for Sunday, September 18th. Start time is 9 a.m.

Our focus will be on the following, with crews assigned to each:

  1. Tweak the intermediate pump track to perfection, using dirt from the abandoned beginner track.
  2. Complete the remaining rollers on the expert track and continue to polish the entire thing. We aren’t ready to announce it with certainty, but we believe our expert track will be the largest pump track in the Pacific Northwest.
  3. Rock the backsides of perimeter berms.
  4. Begin shaping the initial jump line.
  5. Determine where the shelter will be located.

Bring a shovel (flat shovels work best) and rake. If you have a tamping tool, that would be great. We will also need a few wheelbarrows.

We are in the process of coming up with a permanent water source. As the year rolls on, we will put the capper on the pump tracks, continue to work on the jump lines and elevated area, deal with drainage and, perhaps, get a start on the skills area.

To date, we have had 33 volunteers contribute nearly 400 hours of labor on site. This does not include more than 100 hours of planning that has gone into the project.

Our ongoing progress is totally dependent on your willingness to pick up a shovel and lend a hand.

From the south, take Exit 48. Turn left just past the park as you roll along the river past the Rock. Bear left onto Dike Road. You will stay right along the river. Continue on Dike Road for almost a mile and you will see the crew and the bike park on your left.

Let me know if you can make it.

  1. Erik Carlson
  2. Travis Degn
  3. Jeff Edgell
  4. Andrew Holder
  5. Kevin Knorr
  6. John Kowalski
  7. Chris Laughlin
  8. D. LeMonds
  9. Ryan McMaster
  10. Ryane Olin
  11. Bob Stanton
  12. John Toney
  13. Randy Toney


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