Details of Stella Parking Closure

After speaking with the people who own the areas at Harmony where most bikers park, Bob Stanton submitted this report:

Notice to all:

The homeowners at the end of Harmony Road (Longview, WA) have rescinded the parking privileges that we had previously enjoyed.

There has been too much noisy activity (by bikers and hikers) there of late and it is perfectly and reasonably their right to do so.

Think about it – you drive up the road, maybe the radio is turned up a bit, get out and close the car door. Maybe say “Hey” to your buddy that you are up there to ride or hike or run with. Now look around. You are basically in someone’s front yard. It’s summer and windows are open. Maybe it’s 6 a.m. on the weekend.

You just thump-thumped up the road and slammed your car door and yelled in someone’s yard. Oh, and your dog just chased the cat onto the porch, the dog leaving some lawn fudge behind in his excitement to get the kitty.

Now maybe the homeowner comes out and asks you nicely to keep quiet. You give him a ration of your poor pathetic mind that it is your RIGHT to be there. You maybe even try to bully the homeowner with a statement like “I’m gonna call the cops ‘cuz you are blocking my access to state land!”.

You have just cinched the rope around your own neck showing your ignorance. There is NO state land accessible from Harmony. There is NO state park, city park, national park or monument there that you have access to. It is all privately owned land. As far as you can see and then some.

But you call the cops anyways. Really?

This, and so much more, has happened there recently as reported by the homeownders. I am personally ashamed that friends of my friends may be doing this. I and many others have enjoyed showing the trails that we have spent 15 years slowly building and maintaining and I know I have emphasized at the events I am responsible for that the expanded parking we enjoy is a privilege and that we should do everything we can to keep in the good graces of our neighbors.

A few have not shown the common courtesy due and have ruined a good thing for all. Seattle and Portland people were specifically cited by the homeowners as being a big part of the problem.

Thanks so much. And just so you don’t think I’m being too sanctimonious, I am rethinking what I have done there and will do in the future. This includes but is not limited to this – there will not be another Harmonic ConvergenceSS. We are done.

The trails are not closed but almost all parking is now off-limits. There is room for maybe five cars at the end of the road, parked out of the way on the creek side. That may disappear too.

There is parking at Coal Creek and Ocean Beach and a three-mile paved road (400 foot gain) climb to the gate. You are welcome to park there and ride. Remember that the road is narrow, twisting and has no shoulder.

To review, the small gravel lot almost to the gate is now a no parking zone. RESPECT that. RESPECT the peace of the area and help us to salvage what we can of this situation by keeping quiet and not being idiots.

Please pass this information along to others that you know ride up here.

7 thoughts on “Details of Stella Parking Closure”

  1. That is a real shame, I have enjoyed riding there for many years and personally have never seen the type of behavior described here. Everyone I have seen has been considerate…but as a place gets popular I suppose this can be an issue.

    A few bad apples ruins the bunch…somehow I’m guessing this message won’t actually reach the bad apples

  2. I agree with Aaron. Why do some people have to be such idiots. It’s been such a great place to ride and to meet up with a few great riders. I just can’t understand why a few people have to treat this area or any area like a party zone and be totally inconsiderate.

  3. This is sad, But:
    I was there on Tuesday and George was talking to the land owner at the very end of the road. He has moved a small building on to his property and done some grading work with a cat. He told George that he was planning on putting in a juice bar for the hikers, runners, and mtn bikers (great idea and I can think of a dozen more items he could sell). This may present an opportunity for him to expand and provide paid parking.

  4. Bummer to hear that. Does anyone know any detailsabout the golden spike ride his weekend? Times/ shuttles and meeting spots?

  5. Monday’s Spike Ride: The Golden Spike ride on Monday is still on, in spite of the recent parking issues. More on that later. Here’s the key – If you are interesting in doing the ride from Stella to GG on Labor Day, contact Ken at and he will give you the info you need about parking.

  6. Sorry to hear about this, many of you have worked so hard to establish some great riding for regional riders up there, and you were generous enough to share and i thank you for that. Problem we have here is if these folks that screwed this up act like that at the trailhead, imagine their practices on the trail itself and other places they visit?? If anyone happens to know who any of these people are, you need to let them know what happened here and that they need to represent MTBers better than that, or we will lose more access in other areas, it has happened many times in many areas throughout this country. Let all your biking friends know it is just that easy to lose a trail to MTB access.
    We ALL need to be good ambassadors to the sport for us to preserve our trails!!!

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