Locals Hit Podium at High Cascades 24

Hats off to two teams from Growlers Gulch Racing for their great finishes at the grueling 2011 High Cascades 24 in Bend on September 11.

The Bad Bettys -comprised of Dara Muldoon, Denise Livingston, Juntu Oberg and Wynn Lobel – completed 14 laps, each of which was 16 miles, for a total of 224 miles. Each rider covered an average of 56 miles.

Their finishing time of 24:36:21 minutes trailed only a team from Bend that finished with 15 laps in 24:00.57. 

Denise had the fastest night lap for the team, narrowly missing the fastest women’s night lap time for the entire event. She and Dara each completed four laps and Juntu and Wynn did three each.

Wynn had the fastest daytime lap for the team. Juntu drew the short straw and rode the hottest lap of the day and the coldest lap of the night.

Paul and Mel Norris – also known as MelanPaulie – racked up 10 laps and 80 miles apiece on their way to a total of 160. They finished in 23:59:53 to claim the top spot.

Please note that the entire ride took place above 5,000 feet. Huge congrats to all six of these studly riders for perservering in a very difficult race.

Denise (red) in the running start
Dara completes a night lap
Race team and support (L-R): Juntu Oberg, Denise Livingston, Shane Oberg, Wynn Lobel, Jeff Muldoon, Dara Muldoon

2 thoughts on “Locals Hit Podium at High Cascades 24”

  1. Great job guys
    Dara almost ran a deer down on her night lap.
    I took a lap at the end of the race to see what kind of torture they went through. It took me just over two hours and large portions of the course were like riding on a washboard road.

  2. Killer ride/times especially at that elevation. I’ll plan on riding behind at GG as usual…safety thing you know…right!

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