Bike Park Volunteers Make Headway

Thanks from all of us to the great group of volunteers from Growlers Gulch Racing that showed up Saturday and Sunday to work at the Castle Rock Bike Park.

On Saturday, Brian Isbell, Ryane Oline, Ryan McMaster and Greg Ogden focused on digging and installing the water line that runs nearly 1,000 feet from the pond at the south end of of the site to a point near the expert pump track.

On Sunday, a larger crew was on hand to work on the pump tracks. The group included Bob Stanton, Ryane Olin, John Kowalski, Ryan McMaster, Kevin Knorr, Randy Hill, Dave LeMonds, Jeff Lipton, Chris Laughlin, Bob Horness, John Toney, Randy Toney, Erik Carlson, Andrew Holder, and John from Seattle. They worked from 9 until 3 and John Coldwell and Cody Shaver from Bob’s Merchandise showed up at 12 to join them.

John Toney backfilled the water line. After a fitting blew, the line had to be dug up in one section and the fitting replaced. We have purchased a pump and now have the ability to soak the entire site when necessary. Thanks especially to Ryane for all of his hard work with the water line and to Ryan for researching the pumps.

The group was able to fully dial in the intermediate track, using dirt from the now defunct beginner track. They also tamped in the final berm and rollers on the expert track and worked on that. It is now nearly finished.

Eli Kranz, who is working on his Eagle Scout Badge, stopped by to check the location for a shelter he will be constructing on the site. This structure has been designed and approved by professionals and will be built in a high-visibility location near the River Walk Trail.

We hope to get as much dirt moved for the jump lines as possible before the big rains arrive. Once the jump lines have been roughed in, Jeff Muldoon and Paul Norris will begin planning the skills areas.

Thanks again to everyone who showed. We have now had approximately 40 volunteers rack up nearly 500 hours onsite.

As I keep saying, this is a huge project and we will need multiple contributions from everyone to pull it off. 

Expert track at the Castle Rock Bike Park


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