Bike Park Volunteers Deserve Major Kudos

There is no way we would have taken on a project like the Castle Rock Bike Park without feeling confident that we could draw strong volunteer support.

As of October 29th, 43 different volunteers had rung up a total of 545 hours. This is a phenomenal accomplishment but much work remains.

If your name is not on this list, we’d love to see it there. Our goal is to have at least 100 volunteers make a contribution.

We realize you can’t make it every time but if you can come out once every couple of months it would go a long way toward spreading the work around.

Ryan McMaster, Ryane Olin, Kevin Knorr, John Toney, Randy Toney and Jeep all have contributed more than 30 hours. Dave LeMonds has contributed 25.

They are fully committed and still enjoying themselves but it sure gives them a boost when others show up to carry some of the weight.

  1. Cage Aaron
  2. Aaron Althaeuser
  3. Mike Brady
  4. Lance Brigman
  5. Erik Carlson
  6. John Coldwell
  7. Andy Crump
  8. Travis Degn
  9. Brandon Gross
  10. Keith Gianella
  11. Ryan Hicks
  12. Randy Hill
  13. Kelley Hinkle
  14. Andrew Holder
  15. Bob Horness
  16. Brian Isbell
  17. Bob Juntunen
  18. Nick Khajavei
  19. Kevin Knorr
  20. John Kowalski
  21. Chris Laughlin
  22. Dave LeMonds
  23. Jeep LeMonds
  24. Jeff Lipton
  25. Denise Livingston
  26. Vaughn Martin
  27. Ryan McMaster
  28. Thomas Mueller
  29. Dara Muldoon
  30. Jeff Muldoon
  31. Melanie Norris
  32. Paul Norris
  33. Juntu Oberg
  34. Shane Oberg
  35. Greg Ogden
  36. Miles Olin
  37. Ryane Olin
  38. Tyson O’Neill
  39. Cody Shaver
  40. Bob Stanton
  41. John Toney
  42. Randy Toney
  43. Mike Van Hoose



2 thoughts on “Bike Park Volunteers Deserve Major Kudos”

  1. Thanks for all of the hard work everyone. We plan to get up there soon and lend a hand. What is the time frame for the work up there? How many more weekends this year do you plan to work on the bike park?

    Also, will there be a big trail work party this year at Growlers or is that on the back burner for now?


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