Mega-Work Party Set for November 13th

Sign-up begins now for this year’s mega-work party at Growlers Gulch on Sunday, November 13th.

We are working on details re: where to meet, when we start, etc. and I will provide that info to you in the next few weeks. Hard-working kids and non-mountain bikers are welcome.

In 2009, we had 67 volunteers on board for this effort. In 2010, we had 89. This is the reason you are able to ride Legacy – because those 89 volunteers knocked it out in a single day. Completion of that trail also led to construction of WTF and Vortex in 2010.

We will have everything clearly flagged and assign people to specific crews. Right now, the goal is to expand the ride options in the Secret Garden to the point that it becomes a destination, much like the upper trails.

Here are the priorities. We will take on as much as our crew size allows.

  • Complete the Hawg Trail
  • Complete a new line that parallels the existing Secret Garden line
  • Begin work on a line Dave has flagged, starting from Cooley’s at the west end of the Creek Trail system to just south of Double Down. This will give riders another great way to descend from the upper trails
  • Begin work on a line flagged by Paul and Mel just south of Bitter Bitch that will hook up with Little Bitch

We have great riding at Growlers for one reason – people are willing to step up to build and maintain trail. Here is your chance to add another 2-3 miles of premium single-track to the system.

And, yes, despite the impression I might have created, we will be having multiple events at Growlers in 2012. Your participation on this day will qualify you for all of them.

Who’s in?

  1. Cage Aaron
  2. Katie Ahrens
  3. Scott Ahrens
  4. Aaron Althaeuser
  5. Lance Brigman
  6. Erik Carlson
  7. Ryan Chilton
  8. Meredith Condon
  9. Jason Condon
  10. Andy Crump
  11. Sasha Degn
  12. Travis Degn
  13. Aaron Dennis
  14. Andrea de Ruyter
  15. Jerry de Ruyter
  16. Keith Gianella
  17. John Gibson
  18. Sean Goris
  19. Tana Gutzka
  20. Ryan Hicks
  21. Doug Higley
  22. Randy Hill
  23. Kelley Hinkle
  24. Andrew Holder
  25. Jeremy Howard
  26. Chase Jamieson
  27. Christian Jamieson
  28. Darrell Jamieson
  29. April Kincaide
  30. Silke Kleinhenz
  31. Joe Klemmer
  32. Marie Klemmer
  33. Kevin Knorr
  34. John Kowalski
  35. Leif Lackey
  36. Lee Lemmon
  37. D. LeMonds
  38. J. LeMonds
  39. Jeff Lipton
  40. Nick Little
  41. Denise Livingston
  42. Jesse Lopez
  43. Dennis Lui
  44. Brian Mahon
  45. Susan Martin
  46. Vaughn Martin
  47. Dara Muldoon
  48. Jeff Muldoon
  49. Ken Noble
  50. Averie Norris
  51. Mel Norris
  52. Paul Norris
  53. Juntu Oberg
  54. Shane Oberg
  55. Brigette Ogden
  56. Greg Ogden
  57. Miles Olin
  58. Nancy Pearson
  59. Andy Plassmeyer
  60. Steve Reed
  61. Gabrielle Roth
  62. Mark Sanchez
  63. Paul Schneider
  64. Eric Shew
  65. Kalani Silva
  66. Geo Smith
  67. Guy Smith
  68. Bob Stanton
  69. Scooter Sutterer
  70. Julie Toney
  71. Randy Toney
  72. Dave Webb
  73. Peter Wiessner
  74. Shannon Wilson

Plan B Crew – Saturday, November 5th

  1. Jack Berry
  2. Jesse Jacobsen
  3. Brian Butler
  4. Mike Brady
  5. Rob Larsen
  6. Laurie Larsen
  7. Barry de Semple
  8. Lance Brigman
  9. Mike Van Hoose
  10. Zeecha
  11. Bob Stanton
  12. Aaron Althaeuser
  13. Shiggy
  14. J. LeMonds
  15. D. LeMonds
  16. Patrick de Semple
  17. Ken Pearson

34 thoughts on “Mega-Work Party Set for November 13th”

  1. Jeep how can I help on Friday or Saturday the 11th-12th? I work Sundays now, and my mother will be in town from Alaska. Believe me; of the three obligations, moving dirt with like-minded others is preferred.

  2. Jeep, not sure if you noticed that rifle elk season ends on the 15th? I believe that Growlers is the Ryder wood unit?

  3. Laurie and I will be joining Jack on the Saturday work party our Pastor wouldn’t let us off for a Sunday work party.


  4. Jeep, I have a 3/4 ton truck 4×4 if you need me to bring it to carry any needed tools etc up to the work area. I’ve talked with Travis about bringing a shelter for his food and I do have one i can bring. This is my first work party so not sure what you need, but willing to help out.


  5. I’m in for working on Sunday. I’ve been wanting to check out this system for a whole now and pitch in. More than willing to help in any capacity.


  6. Mark – Do you know anyone who is going to be on Sunday’s crew? If so, I will put you with them. Also, besure to let me know if you need directions. We appreciate your help.

    Jim LeMonds

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