Materials Acquisition for CR Bike Park

We can really use your help

On the very simplest level, we are looking for all dimensions of outdoor wood. Please check your scrap pile at home.

It will be trickier to locate logs, telephone poles (These cannot be working power poles that you plan to cut down or extract with an excavator), large rocks, and large stumps. Think about the people you know and those you work for and work with. Somebody might have an in.

Please let them know that this project will likely be valued at more than $200,000 when complete and that we are attempting to do it for around $20,000. We have 500 onsite volunteer hours recorded at this time. My guess is that we will have 1,500 to 2,000 by the time we are done.

Donations and Purchases to Date

  • Guy Smith
  • Jeep
  • Castle Rock Building Supply
  • Pro-Build – Approximately $1,200 of outdoor and pressure-treated 2 x 4’s for $195, including delivery.
  • Steve Reed
  • Bob Horness
  • Chris Laughlin
  • Paul Norris – Assorted rough-cut cedar

4 thoughts on “Materials Acquisition for CR Bike Park”

  1. I have three 4×4 treated posts about 8′, one 2 x 6 x 10 outdoor wood, various smaller pieces. Joel at Bob’s Bike shop said he has an outdoor wood kids swing set we can have. I’ll pick it up from him.

  2. I have some large rough cut cedar. Slightly damaged by termites, but, there is still some good wood available.

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