Black Friday Beer Tour

In my eternal quest to find the spirit of Christmas, I loaded our rental van with the usual group of losers – Paul Norris, Dave LeMonds, Larry Morehead, Jeff Muldoon, Ryan McMaster, Jeff Lipton, and Lance Brigman, along with the incredible Melanie Norris [Continue Reading]

Mountain Beavers Rock Old Pueblo

The Mountain Beavers of Growlers Gulch Racing showed strong at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo race on February 13 in Tucson, Arizona. The group completed 255 miles over 15 laps to finish 15th in Five-Person Coed with a Combined Age of 150-199 (They would have [Continue Reading]

GGR Heads for Old Pueblo

Growlers Gulch Racing will be well-represented at this year’s 24-Hours in the Old Pueblo endurance race in Tucson, Arizona. The event takes place on February 13th. Melanie Norris, Paul Norris, Dara Muldoon, Jeff Muldoon, and Ryan McMaster of GGR will join [Continue Reading]