Bike Park Photos – Additional News

The photos below are from last Thursday’s work day – with Ryan McMaster, Ryane Olin, Randy Toney, and Randy’s dad, John, on site to handle the layout, rocking of the access area, scrape-off and grading. Huge thanks to them for putting in 11 hours [Continue Reading]

Castle Rock’s German Community

The following story by Jim LeMonds appeared in the December 2010 issue of the Cowlitz Historical Quarterly. During the first part of the 20th century, Castle Rock was home to a large contingent of German immigrants, many of whom were born and raised in Russia’s [Continue Reading]

Castle Rock’s German Community

The following story by Jim LeMonds will be included in the December 2010 issue of the Cowlitz Historical Quarterly. During the first part of the 20th century, Castle Rock was home to a large contingent of German immigrants, many of whom were born and raised in [Continue Reading]

Town’s History Told in Pictures

Castle Rock librarian Vicki Selander shelves and checks out books every day. But until now, she’d never had one she could call her own. That changed this month when Arcadia Publishing released Castle Rock, the latest installment in the company’s “Images of [Continue Reading]

Spike Reroute Cranks Up on Sunday

Joel Rogauskus is recruiting trail dogs to assist with a 4.3-mile reroute of the Golden Spike Trail that connects Stella with Growlers Gulch. There are two options: Meet Joel at the top of Coal Creek Road and Woodside Drive at 9:30 on Sunday. He can provide [Continue Reading]

Floyd LeBaron Coached Basketball, Taught Life

This column was published in the Daily News on November 13, 2009 When I was a kid growing up in Castle Rock during the 1950s and ‘60s, I never missed a home basketball game. I dreamed of wearing the red-and-white and playing for Rocket coach Floyd LeBaron. I got [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Ken Burgoyne, ’69

Coach LeBaron had a knack for elevating your game. Not just the game of basketball but the game of life as well. He was a man that always had concern for others but seemingly never for himself. One of my most cherished times with Coach was when Rand got us together [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Dave LeMonds, ’72

The start of the ’72 season was a train wreck. Before the very first game (maybe even before practices got going) several starters quit the team in apparent protest to Floyd and his “old-school” coaching style. We were left with one returning [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Coach Charley Baker

As a coach and teacher Floyd LeBaron did a most excellent job, not only in knowing how to win but also in helping many exceed beyond their own expectations. Floyd was a treasured and tremendous friend that I enjoyed spending time with, whether it was going [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Jack Gillen

My grandpa was, simply put, a legend. He taught me everything I know today about life. Spending time with him was always a joy. Whether it was on the basketball court, on the links, or fishing on the river, just being in his presence was something special. Win [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Don LeBaron

My uncle Floyd accomplished so much in his life, and I speak for everyone in our family when I say we love this man. Most will focus on the strength of his teaching and coaching, but I will always cherish the way he loved people. With kindness and sincerity he [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Rob Hippi

Coach LeBaron was a friend and mentor to me during my time as a high school basketball coach. My dad (Ted Hippi) met Coach LeBaron during a summer session at the U.W. in the early ’50s and they became friends. When dad left the Rock in 1953 to teach and [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Jim Burgoyne, ’59

In the years I’ve coached football at Castle Rock, I’ve tried to pass on to the young players the same values taught to me by Coach Lebaron. Be a good student, person, and citizen. Treat your teachers, fellow students, and opponents with respect. As far [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Hal Williams, ’55

Floyd LeBaron taught and coached at Concrete High School from 1948 until 1953. During these years he assisted in football and was head coach in boys’ basketball and baseball where he compiled winning records in both sports. During his last three seasons at CHS [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Carol Belany Rutledge, ’60

In our lives a few people stand tall above the rest and Floyd LeBaron was one of those special people. As a cheerleader in 1959-60, he made us feel as important as the team, and we felt honored to be representing Castle Rock . In the late 1960,s I was employed at [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Kurt Smith, ’60

I had a chance to work with Floyd for a brief time when I returned to Castle Rock as junior high principal from 1973-’75. At that time, he was still teaching. I remember having a difficult time thinking of him as “Floyd.” He was always the [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Randi Buker Gay, ’69

My relationship with Floyd and Sue was as one of the local kids, and through Linda and I being best buds forever. It gave me a wonderful chance to be one of Floyd’s kids. He was a fantastic example of a dad, even to an extra daughter like myself. I will [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Bob Rockett, ’61

Mr. LeBaron was a very dedicated teacher and coach. During my senior year, I had a life-threatening injury from football. Naturally, I wanted to play basketball at all costs. Coach LeBaron pulled me out of class for a “man-to-teenager” talk. He [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Rob Andrew, ’69

I remember halftime of one game whenn we weren’t playing well. Coach was trying to impress upon us the importance of getting ourselves mentally prepared. Apparently, we weren’t paying attention. He didn’t yell or jump up and down but he smacked [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Sam Cooley, ’69

For the ’69 team, Coach LeBaron was our mentor and a true father figure to us. Floyd dedicated his life to not only making us better basketball players, but better people. There are so many memories of Coach that I have, but the one that stands out was when [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Jim Andrew, ’71

At this point in our lives, we’ve all had time to reflect on our playing days with Coach. I was so, so fortunate to be a part of a three-year varsity career with him that included three league titles, three trips to the district and state tournaments and a [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Bob Chastain, ’62

Coach taught me that hard work, discipline, sacrifice and being a good person were more important than being a good basketball player. He was such a great role model for all of us who played for him. He also expected all of us to perform at a high level in the [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Richard McBride, ’62

I always called him “Mr. LeBaron” and still think of him as Mr. LeBaron – our teacher, coach, role model – and I always will. I have a lot of good memories about Mr. LeBaron, our team and our high school community at that time. If I remember [Continue Reading]

Reminisces – Larry Downing, ’62

I think it was a dream come true for any player that put on a Castle Rock Rocket uniform to play for Coach LeBaron. The character and ability of each player is different, and he had a way of bringing himself down to your level, working on your skills and then [Continue Reading]

TDG XII Draws Record Crowd

Nearly 60 riders joined the party at the 12th Annual Tour de Gulch on June 20th. Billed as The Best Ride West of Castle Rock on the Third Saturday in June, TDG XII was another opportunity to celebrate good trail and great friends. Thanks again to our sponsors [Continue Reading]

Van Hoose Takes 5K Title

CASTLE ROCK – Three Rivers Cycling stud Mike Van Hoose took the lead on the third leg and ground out a victory at the Growlers Gulch 5,000 on Saturday, May 9th, winning by a full eight minutes. [caption id="attachment_945" align="alignright" width="300" [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Begins For Tour de Gulch XII

We’ve traditionally referred to the Tour de Gulch as “the best ride west of Castle Rock on the third Saturday in June.” But to tell you the truth, it has become one of the best celebrations of mountain biking and friendship in all of Southwest [Continue Reading]

Stanton, McMaster Out – Haight, Edwards In

Additions and Deletions: Due to circumstances beyond their control, defending champion Bob Stanton – along with Ryan McMaster, Paul Prouxl, and Sam Loney – have withdrawn from the 2009 Growlers Gulch 5,000. Todd Edwards and Three Rivers Cycling guru [Continue Reading]

Tour de Gulch Board of Directors Welcomes Growler Carlson

Growlers Gulch regulars Erik and Sara Carlson will soon be adding a rider to the newbie group. Their first child, a boy, is due in June. Fortunately, the due date falls right between the Growlers Gulch 5K and the Tour de Gulch, so that Erik will still have a chance [Continue Reading]

Golden Spike Ride Report and Photos

More than a dozen riders – including a large contingent from PUMP – survived a guided tour on the Golden Spike from Stella to Growlers Gulch on Sunday, September 13th. Continue reading Golden Spike Ride Report and Photos

Girls Hit Growlers

Thanks to Melanie “Ride Master” Norris, the first-ever women’s ride at Growlers was a huge success. A dozen women showed for the event on Sunday, August 9.

Mel has already scheduled the next women’s ride for Sunday, August 24th. If you, or someone you know, would like to sign on, contact Mel at Continue reading Girls Hit Growlers