R. A. Long Alum Inks Two-Book Contract

Long, long before I ascended to the lofty position of Board of Director, I was a high school English teacher, a frightening thought for those of you concerned about the welfare of young people. One of my students was 1998 grad Lyndsay Farber. The best thing I can [Continue Reading]

Town’s History Told in Pictures

Castle Rock librarian Vicki Selander shelves and checks out books every day. But until now, she’d never had one she could call her own. That changed this month when Arcadia Publishing released Castle Rock, the latest installment in the company’s “Images of [Continue Reading]

LeMonds Remains Active in Pacific Northwest Publishing Scene

Jim LeMonds of WriteTek Northwest has published three recent stories, has another on tap, and will be included in an upcoming broadcast on KLTV. LeMonds’ most recent work includes “The Man Who Men Hemingway” (the Columbia River Reader), [Continue Reading]

The Man Who Met Hemingway

Columbia River Reader, January 2009

November. The lobby of the Cannery Pier Hotel. Astoria. I was drinking coffee, watching cargo ships slide across the large windows that framed the riverscape.

A guy came in wearing a Hemingway t-shirt, the one with Ernie in his 50s, sporting a gray beard and big smile, his cap cocked jauntily to the side.

I said I liked the shirt. Continue reading The Man Who Met Hemingway

Inscription on a Human Canvas

Columbia River Reader, March 2008

There are things old people are supposed to avoid – Speedos, nose piercings, saggy pants. For the most part, I play by the rules. My recent tattoo is an exception.

You might be wondering why someone would be interested in getting his first tattoo at fifty-seven. As my uncle Ed used to say when he ran across a road grader or Czechoslovakian tractor he couldn’t pass up, “I always wanted one of those.” Continue reading Inscription on a Human Canvas