Grace Dinsdale Generates Perennial Power

Digger Magazine, December 2008

When Grace Dinsdale says that Blooming Nursery is her dream, she’s not kidding.

On a trip to Mexico at age 24, she came down with a severe head cold that left her in what she describes as “an altered state.” That night, the nursery was the focus of her dreams. When she awoke, she immediately began putting a plan on paper.

“Things aren’t always rational,” Dinsdale said. “But it’s worked out well so far.” Continue reading Grace Dinsdale Generates Perennial Power

A Deeply-Rooted Legacy

Digger Magazine, August 2008

As a gunnery mate aboard PT-490 during World War II, Ed Schultz survived shelling, strafing, kamikaze attacks, and a long, harrowing night in Surigao Strait. When he returned home from the service in 1946 he promised himself two things – he was through with killing, and he would do his best to make America a more beautiful place. The 87-year-old Aurora resident has fulfilled both of those vows. Continue reading A Deeply-Rooted Legacy