TDN Runs Loney Story

Today’s issue of the Daily News has a story about Eric Loney’s silver-medal finish at the World Masters Championships in Brazil. You can check the story online at You can link to [Continue Reading]

Moon, Jamieson, Loney, Brigman Race Results

Jason Moon took the third-place trophy in the 40+ Expert Divison at the Fluidride Cup Race Series, which got underway at Port Angeles on April 4th and 5th. Moon finished in 3:12 and was followed by Darrell Jamieson with a 3:16.  More than 400 racers showed for the [Continue Reading]

Loney Captures 2008 DH Crown

Eric Loney finished the race season as the top-rated semi-pro in the Fluidride Cup Series DH and was fifth overall in the combined pro/semi-pro category. He was also the number one semi-pro at the 2008 Willamette Pass Series Downhill. Continue reading Loney Captures 2008 DH Crown