Growlers Gulch Racing Announces 2010 Ride Circuit

The Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing has released a tentative schedule for the 2010 season. Please note that dates will be solidified within the next few months. Once again, five wheels will be on the line, with coveted Fist of Five, Four-Wheel and [Continue Reading]

Al Hansen Claims TT Crown

[caption id="attachment_1959" align="alignright" width="300" caption="TT champ Al Hansen (center) with runner-up Cage Aaron and women's champ Dara Muldoon"][/caption] Al Hansen of Project 529 and Growlers Gulch Racing cruised to an easy victory at the 2009 [Continue Reading]

Growlers Gulch TT Set for Sunday

The Growlers Gulch Time Trial is a go for Sunday at 10 a.m. The course has been cleared and is in great condition. This is the fourth wheel in the coveted Fist of Five on the 2009 Growlers Gulch ride circuit. There is still time to sign up. Just let me know if you [Continue Reading]

South Coldwater 230A Open to the Adventurous

I rarely allow bikers to use their own words on my website. I’m guessing that I don’t have to explain the reason. Only Paul and Mahon get special exemptions. Neither is all that intelligent but they have a way with words that is entertaining. Below is [Continue Reading]

Loney Captures 2008 DH Crown

Eric Loney finished the race season as the top-rated semi-pro in the Fluidride Cup Series DH and was fifth overall in the combined pro/semi-pro category. He was also the number one semi-pro at the 2008 Willamette Pass Series Downhill. Continue reading Loney Captures 2008 DH Crown

Growlers Gulch TT Creates Huge Buzz

The turnout out was large, the riders were phenomenal, and the times were shockingly low at the first-ever Growler Gulch Time Trial on Saturday, September 20th. Eric Loney, the Northwest’s top-ranked semi-pro, blazed to a 7:34.4 to claim first place. He was followed by Alex Hansen with a 7:45.3 and Bob “Fixie” Stanton with a 7:53.3. Continue reading Growlers Gulch TT Creates Huge Buzz

Chris King Raffle for Smitty, Chase Rides Whistler, TT List Grows

Jason Moon of Boone Dog Bikes has announced that he will be raffling a Chris King headset at the downtown shop on September 20th – after the Growlers Gulch TT has wrapped up. All proceeds will go toward helping the family of Guy Smith. Continue reading Chris King Raffle for Smitty, Chase Rides Whistler, TT List Grows