Van Hoose, Livingston Score Points at Vernonia

Denise Livingston and Mike Van Hoose came up big at the Vernonia Short Track Mountain Biking Race on June 12th. Mike covered the six-lap course in 45 minutes to finish sixth in Men’s Cat II 35-44, while Denise was third in Women’s Cat II 35-44. Both [Continue Reading]

Board of Directors Tabs 5K Favorites

Five members of the Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing have gone out on a very shaky limb to predict the top finishers and times at the 2010 GG5K. Keep in mind that this group is not the smartest. I was forced to rely on them because they do nothing at [Continue Reading]

Livingston, Van Hoose Race at Bear Springs

Denise Livingston and Mike Van Hoose of Growlers Gulch Racing competed in the tough Bear Springs Trap XC race at Mount Hood on April 15th. Denise finished 5th in Women’s Cat II, while Mike was 18th in Men’s Cat II. Denise described the course as [Continue Reading]

Van Hoose, Norris, Butler Conquer 5K Quiz

Mike Van Hoose was the first respondent to answer all ten questions correctly in the GG5K quiz. The questions were posted at 8:00 a.m. on Monday; amazingly, the reigning 5K champ had his answers in by 8:26. “It was a slow day at work,” Van Hoose [Continue Reading]

GG5K on the Not-So-Distant Horizon

Defending Growlers Gulch 5,000 champ Mike Van Hoose once said, “At Growlers, the dumber the event, the more people show up.” Here’s your chance to prove him right. Sign-up begins now for the storied GG5K, the first event on the 2010 ride circuit [Continue Reading]

Meet the Ride Team

It’s a motley crew but when you’re this old, the pickings are slim. Jim LeMonds is celebrating his 60th birthday with the 60 @ Sixty ride. He taught English in the Longview School District for 30 years and has been mountain biking since 1996. LeMonds [Continue Reading]

Board of Director Sets 2010 Ride Dates

Get your calendar! The Board of Director of Growlers Gulch Racing has announced the key dates for the 2010 events. Six people earned all five wheels in 2009. We are hoping to get that number to double-digits this year. Please note that those who have worked on [Continue Reading]

Al Hansen Named Growlers Gulch Rider of the Year

  [caption id="attachment_2136" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Al Hansen - 2009 Growlers Gulch Rider of the Year"][/caption] Rider of the Year The Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing has named Al Hansen the GG Rider of the Year for 2009. Hansen [Continue Reading]

Climbs Set, Mueller Responsible for Conflict

Controversy Plagues CC Run-up I naively imagined this was going to be a casual, non-competitive event – just like all the others at Growlers – until I got the disturbing photo at the bottom of the page from GG5K champion Mike Van Hoose. Why [Continue Reading]

Magnificent Seven on Track for Five Wheels

The list is narrowing. After the time trial on September 20th, only seven riders remain eligible to earn all five wheels on the 2009 Growlers Gulch ride circuit. Fist of Five schwag will be awarded to the survivors after the Climbing Championships on Saturday, [Continue Reading]

Growlers Gulch TT Set for Sunday

The Growlers Gulch Time Trial is a go for Sunday at 10 a.m. The course has been cleared and is in great condition. This is the fourth wheel in the coveted Fist of Five on the 2009 Growlers Gulch ride circuit. There is still time to sign up. Just let me know if you [Continue Reading]

Van Hoose Takes 5K Title

CASTLE ROCK – Three Rivers Cycling stud Mike Van Hoose took the lead on the third leg and ground out a victory at the Growlers Gulch 5,000 on Saturday, May 9th, winning by a full eight minutes. [caption id="attachment_945" align="alignright" width="300" [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Begins For Tour de Gulch XII

We’ve traditionally referred to the Tour de Gulch as “the best ride west of Castle Rock on the third Saturday in June.” But to tell you the truth, it has become one of the best celebrations of mountain biking and friendship in all of Southwest [Continue Reading]

Three Rivers Cycling Club Crashes and Burns at Growlers

Hopefully, they got it out of their systems. It all started innocently enough. The Three Rivers Cycling Club showed up Saturday to fine-tune themselves and their equipment in preparation for next weekend’s Growlers Gulch 5,000. By the end of the day, they [Continue Reading]

Brigman Refuses Drug Test

Two-time Growlers Gulch 5,000 champion Lance Brigman has declined a request by the TDG Board of Directors to undergo testing for performance-enhancing substances. Several TDG Board members said they found it odd that Brigman, 62, continues to toast riders ranging [Continue Reading]

TDG Board Denies Brigman’s Appeal

The Tour de Gulch Board of Directors voted unanimously to deny Lance Brigman’s request for a handicap at the 2009 Growlers Gulch 5,000. The decision was handed down on Monday, March 9th. Brigman, who won the event in 2006 and 2007, elected to skip the 2008 [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Begins for GG5K

As a first-time GG5K participant commented after the 2008 ride – “It looked so much easier on paper.” It’s a piece of cake to talk about stepping up your training regimen, reducing your ride time, and earning that Five Wheel decal for your [Continue Reading]

Record Number of Riders Completes Growlers Gulch 5,000

Bob Stanton shrugged off a flat tire early in the ride and surged back to capture the top spot in Saturday’s Growlers Gulch 5,000 with a time of 3:32. Even more incredible was the fact that Stanton accomplished the feat aboard his steel-frame, fixed-gear Vulture.

Fourteen riders completed the 28-mile course, a record for the event, with three joining Stanton in posting sub-four hour times: Mike Van Hoose (3:38), Rob Larsen (3:50), and Dave LeMonds (3:57). Riders were helped by superior tread and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. Oddly, a number of riders chose to ignore the GG5K motto – “It’s a ride, not a race.” Continue reading Record Number of Riders Completes Growlers Gulch 5,000