Elderly Man Nails 60 @ Sixty

It took a sterling support crew, spot-on logistics, and a take-no-prisoners ride pace, but we got the job done. The dream I’ve had for the last year – to ride 60 miles of prime trail in a single day to celebrate my sixtieth birthday – was achieved [Continue Reading]

Video – West Side of St. Helens

A big crew from Growlers Gulch Racing hooked up with Al Hansen and the boys from Knappa for a ride on the west side of Mount St. Helens in late October. We got lucky with the weather and had a great time. We started from Red Rock Pass, rode across to Blue Lake, [Continue Reading]

West Side of Mount St. Helens

Brian Mahon and I rode a great loop on the west side of St. Helens in late September. We started at Red Rock Pass and headed over to Blue Lake. From there, we rode up the Huckleberry Saddle and onto the Sheep Canyon Trail, which puts you on the Loowit. From there, [Continue Reading]

St. Helens Trail Report

[caption id="attachment_1399" align="alignright" width="300" caption="(L-R) Brian, Eric and Al"][/caption] Brian Mahon, Eric Loney, Al Hansen, Jeff Muldoon, Dara Muldoon, Paul Norris, and I headed out to do some recon on the south and west sides of St. Helens on [Continue Reading]