Firestone Double Dominates Imperial IPA Tasting

Firestone Double Jack Double IPA walked away with the title at the LeMonds Family Imperial IPA tasting held at the Post-Ride Pub at 465 on May 14th. Hopworks Ace of Spades was second, followed Avery Maharaja. The event was part of a 50th birthday celebration for [Continue Reading]

Ghosts Past and Present – Episode #5

I’d wielded the chainsaw like a gentle scalpel. When Lipton asked for a turn, I figured he’d do the same. Wrong. He threw the chain on a clavicle, and it took us several minutes to get it back on (The chain, not the clavicle). Then he really got [Continue Reading]

Terrorists Publish List of Demands – Episode #2

I was dreaming again. No Palin. No O’Reilly. No Hannity. This time, the only mounting that was about to be done was me climbing onto the pimped-out Turner Sultan waiting in my garage. Then the doorbell rang, and I realized immediately that there was no [Continue Reading]