Locals Race at Sandy Ridge

Several local riders competed in the Spring Super D at Sandy Ridge on March 27. This OBRA-sanctioned event is one stage in the Sandy Ridge Super D Series. “It was rainy, cold, miserable and a total mud-fest,” said Thomas Mueller of Growlers Gulch [Continue Reading]

Board of Directors Tabs 5K Favorites

Five members of the Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing have gone out on a very shaky limb to predict the top finishers and times at the 2010 GG5K. Keep in mind that this group is not the smartest. I was forced to rely on them because they do nothing at [Continue Reading]

Meet the Ride Team

It’s a motley crew but when you’re this old, the pickings are slim. Jim LeMonds is celebrating his 60th birthday with the 60 @ Sixty ride. He taught English in the Longview School District for 30 years and has been mountain biking since 1996. LeMonds [Continue Reading]

Board of Director Sets 2010 Ride Dates

Get your calendar! The Board of Director of Growlers Gulch Racing has announced the key dates for the 2010 events. Six people earned all five wheels in 2009. We are hoping to get that number to double-digits this year. Please note that those who have worked on [Continue Reading]

’09 Climbing Championship – Video

Some of the clips are dark but you’ll get the idea. The climbs don’t appear to be all that steep in the vids. Trust me – they were very challenging. On top of that, the rain made the tread seem like it had been saturated with olive oil. Eight [Continue Reading]

Mueller Edges LeMonds to Win Climbing Title

Thomas Mueller of Growlers Gulch Racing fought off challenges from a group of talented riders to claim the Growlers Gulch Climbing Championship on Saturday, October 17th. It was the fifth and final event on the 2009 GG ride circuit.  In rainy conditions that [Continue Reading]

Climbs Set, Mueller Responsible for Conflict

Controversy Plagues CC Run-up I naively imagined this was going to be a casual, non-competitive event – just like all the others at Growlers – until I got the disturbing photo at the bottom of the page from GG5K champion Mike Van Hoose. Why [Continue Reading]

South Coldwater 230A Open to the Adventurous

I rarely allow bikers to use their own words on my website. I’m guessing that I don’t have to explain the reason. Only Paul and Mahon get special exemptions. Neither is all that intelligent but they have a way with words that is entertaining. Below is [Continue Reading]

U.S. Forest Service Issues Warrant for Thomas Mueller

Thomas Mueller of Growlers Gulch Racing – seen here (right) with an unidentified outlaw rider – has done what the rest of us can only dream of doing. He has been blacklisted by the U.S. Forest Service. [caption id="attachment_1548" align="alignright" [Continue Reading]

Tarbell Ride Report Features Talking Chicken

PBR, Fried Chicken and Broken Derailleur As I was loading the cooler for the ride on Sunday, I went through the list of riders……Me (lover of IPA’s and all things northwest beer), Jeff Muldoon (lover of PBR), and Thomas Mueller (the only German I [Continue Reading]

Game On!

Gearing Up: Cage Aaron established himself as the 2009 GG5K favorite by racking up a time of 4:15 during a practice run last week. Fellow PUMP member Dennis Veatch said Aaron was not really pushing himself and should have a legit shot at a sub-four hour finish. GG [Continue Reading]

St. Helens – Ape Canyon and Mount Margaret

Got a chance to ride at St. Helens twice last weekend. The weather was phenomenal, and the rain earlier in the week made the tread as good as you’re ever going to see it. Continue reading St. Helens – Ape Canyon and Mount Margaret

Growlers Gulch TT Creates Huge Buzz

The turnout out was large, the riders were phenomenal, and the times were shockingly low at the first-ever Growler Gulch Time Trial on Saturday, September 20th. Eric Loney, the Northwest’s top-ranked semi-pro, blazed to a 7:34.4 to claim first place. He was followed by Alex Hansen with a 7:45.3 and Bob “Fixie” Stanton with a 7:53.3. Continue reading Growlers Gulch TT Creates Huge Buzz