Great Tool Available for True Dirt Animals

Dale Cooper of Longview is manufacturing a tool that has garnered a lot of attention. It’s called the Brookski. It was invented by Rich Brooks, a back country horseman who has done trail work for 20+ years in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Veteran [Continue Reading]

Work Parties Planned for June 5th and 12th

South Coldwater 230A – June 5th Brian Mahon is heading up this work day on the 230A, the only trail accessible to mountain bikers on the north side of St. Helens. We have maintained the 230A for several years and want to show the powers-that-be that mountain [Continue Reading]

Ape Canyon Trail Work Complete

Premier, high-elevation trail in disrepair? No money for USFS crews? Nobody else willing to step up? Who you gonna call? Growlers Gulch Racing, of course. On July 26, the Mountain Bike Mutts – a trail-building arm of Growlers Gulch Racing – and several [Continue Reading]

Sign up at TDG for St. Helens Trail Work

Brian Mahon will be heading up two work parties at Mount St. Helens – one in June and the other in July. I’ve mentioned before that the Forest Service has no money for trail work. That means it is up to riders like us to keep this magnificent area [Continue Reading]