JH Kelly Hires Jim LeMonds to Write Company History

JH Kelly has hired Jim LeMonds of WriteTek Northwest to write the company’s history. The book will trace the company’s remarkable transition from a small-town residential and retail plumbing outfit to one of the largest mechanical contractors in the [Continue Reading]

WriteTek Completes Web Build

WriteTek Northwest recently put the finishing touches on a website build for Capital Oncology. The project involved separate breakout sites for each of Capital Oncology’s three locations – Chehalis, Olympia, and Auburn. Jim LeMonds handled the writing [Continue Reading]

LeMonds to Contribute to Book

Jim LeMonds of WriteTek Northwest has agreed to contribute a chapter to a book titled When Logging Was Logging. [caption id="attachment_6932" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Jim LeMonds"][/caption] LeMonds is the author of Deadfall: Generations of Logging [Continue Reading]

Former Monarch Sokol Taking First Steps Toward Medical Career

The following story by Jim LeMonds of WriteTek Northwest was published in the Daily News on June 30, 2010. Photo by Roger Werth. When Michele Peterson, nurse manager at Pacific Surgical Institute, hired former Mark Morris hoopster Tyler Sokol to work at PSI through [Continue Reading]

WriteTek Northwest Completes Website Renovation for Longview Physical & Sports Therapy

WriteTek Northwest, in conjunction with LilJohns.biz, recently completed an overhaul of the Longview Physical & Sports Therapy website. The project involved a code rewrite by John Howerton of LilJohns.biz, as well as numerous changes to the front end. Photos [Continue Reading]

WriteTek Northwest Completes PIC Project

WriteTek Northwest recently completed an upgrade of the Pacific Imaging Center website. The project included new MRIs that allow viewers to compare standard and axial-loaded images of the lumbar spine. John Howerton of LilJohns.biz handled the graphics work and [Continue Reading]

How Effective Is Your Company’s Website?

We live in a world where the Yellow Pages will soon be a relic. Today’s customers increasingly rely on online searches to access basic information and to gather data that will influence their buying decisions. Having a website and having one that is effective [Continue Reading]

March Column – Cowlitz Historical Quarterly

The following column by Jim LeMonds will be published in the March issue of the Cowlitz Historical Quarterly. I recently finished editing a book manuscript for my friend Irene Martin. Irene is an accomplished writer whose publishing credits include Legacy and [Continue Reading]

WriteTek Completes SIENA Project

Jim LeMonds of WriteTek Northwest recently put the finishing touches on a multi-faceted project for Olympia Neurology and Brain & Spine Imaging Center, both of Olympia, Washington. Brain & Spine Imaging Center has begun marketing its SIENA software service, [Continue Reading]

Phase One of Cowlitz County Tourism Project Wraps Up

Jim LeMonds of WriteTek Northwest recently finished the first phase of a comprehensive edit of the new Cowlitz County Tourism website. The job included a line and content edit of more than 100 pages aimed at promoting Mount St. Helens and the surrounding area. [Continue Reading]

WriteTek Completes Project for Pacific Imaging

WriteTek Northwest recently completed a print project for Pacific Imaging Center of Longview, Washington. The job included a business card, flyer and trifold. Jim LeMonds of WriteTek Northwest managed the project and handled the writing and editing. Minuteman Press [Continue Reading]

Print Overhaul Completed for Longview Orthopedic Associates

WriteTek Northwest completed a major print project in November for Longview Orthopedic Associates of Longview,Washington. The job spanned three months and included the creation of a tri-fold and a complete re-branding of appointment cards, business cards, [Continue Reading]

WriteTek Northwest Completes Project for Olympia Neurology

WriteTek Northwest of Cowlitz County ventured north to the South Puget Sound area to collaborate on a comprehensive project for Olympia Neurology of Olympia, Washington. The initial phase saw the ground-up development of websites for Olympia Neurology and its [Continue Reading]

Trifold Completed for LifePort Interiors

WriteTek Northwest recently created a trifold brochure for LifePort Interiors of Woodland, Washington. The document (shown below) was used by Chief Operating Officer Paul Norris and Sales Manager Chris Miller to market LifePort Interior’s product line and [Continue Reading]

National Launch Campaign for NSIA Completed

WriteTek Northwest recently completed work on a national marketing campaign that served as the launch for National Specialty Imaging Associates (NSIA) of Marin County, California. The campaign included a website build and copy for both a trifold and a print ad [Continue Reading]

Salmon for All Website

WriteTek Northwest, in conjunction with John Howerton at LilJohns.biz, finished a comprehensive website overhaul for Salmon for All in early March. Salmon for All is an association of gillnetters, fish buyers, processors, and associated businesses that are active [Continue Reading]

Pacific Imaging Center Website

This was one piece of a very large project that involved a splash page for Pacific Surgical Institute and breakout sites for Longview Orthopedic Associates, Pacific Surgical Center, and Pacific Imaging Center. WriteTek Northwest teamed with John Howerton of [Continue Reading]

LeMonds Scheduled at Catlin

Jim LeMonds of WriteTek Northwest has been invited to teach a writing workshop for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at Catlin Elementary in Kelso on Wednesday, March 4th. LeMonds will use student writing samples during hands-on activities focused on improving [Continue Reading]

Invitation for Pacific Imaging Center

Pacific Imaging Center will host a seminar for area physicians and chiropractors at Pacific Surgical Institute in Longview on March 12th. A new axial loading protocol will be the focus. Dr. Jay Kaiser of National Orthopedic Imaging Associates is the featured [Continue Reading]

The Man Who Met Hemingway

Columbia River Reader, January 2009

November. The lobby of the Cannery Pier Hotel. Astoria. I was drinking coffee, watching cargo ships slide across the large windows that framed the riverscape.

A guy came in wearing a Hemingway t-shirt, the one with Ernie in his 50s, sporting a gray beard and big smile, his cap cocked jauntily to the side.

I said I liked the shirt. Continue reading The Man Who Met Hemingway

WriteTek Northwest Signs On for National Marketing Campaign

WriteTek Northwest has been hired by Strategic Ancillaries of Centralia, Washington, to provide copy for a marketing campaign highlighting the services of National Specialty Imaging Associates (NSIA) of Marin County, California. Continue reading WriteTek Northwest Signs On for National Marketing Campaign

Cowlitz County Tourism Website Now Up

WriteTek Northwest has completed a comprehensive overhaul of the Cowlitz County Tourism Bureau’s Mount St. Helens website. The new site, which went live in October, is expected to receive more than 100,000 visits per year. Continue reading Cowlitz County Tourism Website Now Up

Jim LeMonds on Book Chat Program

I know this is going to be difficult to swallow, but I was on television recently. Alan Rose, who heads up the local WordFest programs, has teamed with KLTV and the Longview Public Library to produce a show called Book Chat, which features local writers. Continue reading Jim LeMonds on Book Chat Program

Setting the Pace

Digger Magazine, October 2008

Some people in the nursery business believe Gordon Gleason is a genius. But Gleason, who invented a series of machines that revolutionized the industry, says his success is simply a product of laziness.

“Even as a kid, I was lazy and looking for a quick way to do things,” said Gleason, 81, who designed, fabricated, and marketed a series of machines during the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s that reduced overhead  and streamlined production for nurserymen. Continue reading Setting the Pace

Schlecht Website Project Now Complete

Schlecht Construction launched a dynamic, new website in early August. The new site features improved functionality for internal users, a slideshow and video, and a more visible press page. John Howerton of Lil John’s.biz handled the site configuration. Write [Continue Reading]

WriteTek Northwest Assists with Website for Northwest Coast Magazine

Northwest Coast Magazine, which released its first issue in early May, recently unveiled a new website at www.nwcmagazine.com. John Howerton at LilJohns.biz handled the site design and construction. WriteTek Northwest provided marketing and project management [Continue Reading]

Northwest Coast Magazine Accepting Book Reviews

Bryan Penttila, editor and publisher of Northwest Coast Magazine, is seeking book reviews for an “Off-the-Shelf” section. He plans to publish one review in each issue of the nascent quarterly.”I’d like people to review their favorite [Continue Reading]

WriteTek Northwest Contributes Copy for Jammie’s Environmental

WriteTek Northwest recently assisted in the creation of a new website for Jammie’s Environmental of Longview, Washington. The project was completed in conjunction with John Howerton of liljohns.biz, with WriteTek Northwest handling the site content. The new [Continue Reading]

Inscription on a Human Canvas

Columbia River Reader, March 2008

There are things old people are supposed to avoid – Speedos, nose piercings, saggy pants. For the most part, I play by the rules. My recent tattoo is an exception.

You might be wondering why someone would be interested in getting his first tattoo at fifty-seven. As my uncle Ed used to say when he ran across a road grader or Czechoslovakian tractor he couldn’t pass up, “I always wanted one of those.” Continue reading Inscription on a Human Canvas

Kids are a Precious Resource to Oil, Mining and Timber Industries

“Kids are a Precious Resource to Oil, Mining and Timber Industries” – Northwest Education Magazine, Winter 2003 One September day in 1969, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson announced from Seattle that the first Earth Day would be celebrated come [Continue Reading]

Eruption of Mount St. Helens a Watershed Moment for Timber Industry

“Eruption of Mount St. Helens a Watershed Moment for Timber Industry” – Columbia River Reader, November 2005 Twenty-five years ago, the timber industry in Southwest Washington was on the cusp of change. But the eruption of Mount St. Helens brought [Continue Reading]

Dr. David Hawkins Announces New Book Project

WriteTek client David Hawkins has announced that he is collaborating on a book project with Jim Fay, best-selling author, parenting expert and co-founder of the Love and Logic Institute. Hawkins is the author of more than thirty books, including Are You Really [Continue Reading]