Kelley and Paul on the National Trail

When Paul and Kelley were on their recent six-month biking tour of the Southwest, they hit the National Trail on South Mountain in Phoenix.

Nice vid from Kelley. And, no, it’s not raining there.

4 thoughts on “Kelley and Paul on the National Trail”

  1. Paul that trails looks a lot like Fruita trail known as More Fun. I wish that had been in Phoenix when I rode there 20 years ago. Well 20 years agoe that would have been too hard for me.
    What tires and tubs or tubeless did you run?


  2. I was running slime tubes (did pick up a cactus thorn but didn’t get a flat). Paul was running tubeless. I was running Nevagals (I took six month off the life of the tire in two weeks). Paul started with Nevagals but ended up with one Nevagal on the front and I think a slant six or some other low profile on the back. A lot of the riders in Az were running Nevagals. Also as a point of interest, the ratio of flat pedal riders to clipless was inverse to what it is here. I saw a lot of flat pedals… one more point of interest, at least to me, I ran across another rider that was running the inverse break set up like I do. Large rotor in the back, we both felt it gives much better control on steep descents.

  3. Yes I think we did. We did the gateway trail but by the time we reached the summit the weather had turned cold and damp. Yes in Az. We turned around and headed down. Very steep hike a bike toward the top of the summit. I have to review my video but that is probably the next ride report I will be doing. I did make a video of that ride…

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