Big Crowd Shows for 2013 Bike Park Blowout

Nearly 250 people were on hand to celebrate the Bike Park Blowout at the Castle Rock Bike Park on September 21st. Fifteen challenge stations were set up around the 2.5 acre bike park to test riders’ skills. The stations included log-overs, skinnies, pump track, [Continue Reading]

Solid Crew Completes Big Work at Coldwater

Heat. Relentless climbing. Vampire-like mosquitoes. None of that got in the way of the outstanding crew that showed to work on the 230A on June 29th at Coldwater Lake on the north side of Mount St. Helens. The effort was spearheaded by Growlers Gulch Racing, [Continue Reading]

Ride Options on the North Side of St. Helens

A number of people have asked for specific ride routes for the new trail at Coldwater Lake. I’ve put together several of varying difficulties and durations. I believe you will need a Northwest Forest Pass. Directions: The area is easy to find. Take Exit 49 at [Continue Reading]

TDN Highlights Castle Rock Bike Park

The following story by Barbara LaBoe was published in the Daily News on February 20, 2012. Photos by Bill Wagner With more than 1,000 volunteer hours behind them, builders of the Castle Rock Bike Park say they’re making good progress and hope to have the [Continue Reading]

Crump’s Nephew Learns by Trial and Error

Andy Crump’s nephew Spencer is learning to mountain bike. Apparently, Spencer has been taking lessons from members of the Killer Burritos – a now defunct biking group from Portland that rode in several TDGs. The video is only a minute long, but it is [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Now for GG Super D

Sign-up begins now for the GG Super D on Saturday, September 17th. This event is brought to you by Growlers Gulch Racing. Course: Some work is needed on Legacy, but the ride route is in very good shape. You will start at the top of Legacy, then hit WTF, Vortex, [Continue Reading]

Under-employed Ride South Coldwater

I tried to get out of it. When I talked with Paul on Sunday at the bike park, his knee was hurting and he was fatigued from riding Smith Creek with Mel on Saturday. I got the impression that he might want to cancel our ride on the 230A Trail at South Coldwater. No [Continue Reading]

Bike Park Photos – Additional News

The photos below are from last Thursday’s work day – with Ryan McMaster, Ryane Olin, Randy Toney, and Randy’s dad, John, on site to handle the layout, rocking of the access area, scrape-off and grading. Huge thanks to them for putting in 11 hours [Continue Reading]

Three Vids from Kelley Hinkle

Thanks again to Kelley for providing several nice vid clips, this time from the Rocky Mountain demo day at Growlers on Thursday. Kelley rocking the Element on the Big Easy: Ken Noble (dark blue shirt) taters himself on the log at the bottom of Beauty. Bob [Continue Reading]