Big Thanks To Toney, McMaster (No, Not Randy and Ryan)

If you run into John Toney or Don McMaster, take a minute to thank them for all of the work they’ve done at the Castle Rock Bike Park. Think about it a minute – these guys don’t ride. And yet they have been key players throughout the build. Both are signed up to help on April 15th.

After next Sunday’s work party, Don will have 15.5 hours onsite. He is a chainsaw guru and is responsible for those beautiful slabs that we’ve been using on the west side skinny and in other places.

More importantly, Don has worked with the PUD to procure multiple load of telephone poles that would have otherwise ended up in the hog grinder. We have used these poles primarily for posts to support the elevated trail and plan to utilize them in the log-over area as well.

John Toney is the man on the Skidsteer. He has racked up more than 70 hours. Among the 81 volunteers who have contributed, John ranks 5th in time spent onsite.

He has moved hundreds of yards of material for the pump tracks, jump lines, start hill, booter, berms, and drops. In addition, he spent parts of several days last week hauling surplus materials from the Port of Longview to the bike park.

If you run into John or Don, buy them a beer. Maybe two.

We have been so fortunate to have them in our corner.

One thought on “Big Thanks To Toney, McMaster (No, Not Randy and Ryan)”

  1. Thanks Don and John. Your help has made a huge difference towards making the CR Bike Park a reality. Beers on me!

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