More Big Work at the CR Bike Park

Making it all come together can be complicated, but this much is simple – when you’ve got the best plan and the best people, nobody can compete with you.

Once again, the progress we made at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Sunday exceeded expectation. Big thanks to an outstanding crew that included John Toney, Randy Toney, Dave LeMonds, Alex Sandrow, Jesse Jacobsen, April Kincaide, Tom Eilertsen, Chris Laughlin, Greg Ogden, Ryane Olin, Kevin Knorr, Ryan McMaster, Don McMaster, Tim Fromm, Marc Kranz, Bob Horness, Brad Thorstenson, and Nicole Pederson.

Thanks also to Mark, Donna and Lindsay Plotkin, along with Dave Freece, who provided lunch.

Here’s what we got done –

  • Completed the drops on the west side. This includes a series of 1, 2, 3, and 4-footers and an additional double. Much credit goes to the crew that moved so much dirt at the March work party. We weren’t finished more than 5 minutes before the local kids started hitting it.
  • Finished the skinny line down the middle on the east side. This one was tricky because it intersected the main elevated trail in two spots. Fortunately, we had Greg, Bob, Dave and Randy on it and they did a phenomenal job. It took him a few tries, but Kevin finally cleaned it. This line will be a real challenge for mere mortals.
  • Put the finishing touches on Ryane’s humongous skinny on the west side. Approximately 150 feet in length, the line includes a teeter-totter, posts, rocks, big-ass logs and other ridiculous stuff. It was amazing to watch Kevin and Andrew nail it.
  • Constructed a beginner skinny. It is low to the ground and a great place to practice.
  • Nearly completed the log-over area, which has beginner, intermediate and advanced features. Yes, there is something for everyone.
  • Landscaped the areas around the pine trees.

We will be back out on June 2nd, with the focus on doing as much work as possible on the jump lines. We should also be able to complete the remaining log-overs, gravel all transitions, and add a gravel trail that will take riders from the end of the jump lines back to the start hill. As usual, there is also talk of adding other strange shit.

Yep, we’re going to need crew.


Skills area on the west side of the site
As soon as we finished the drops, the local kids starting airing it out
You'll need to believe
Kevin Knorr coming off the four-footer
Andrew Holder on the teeter-totter built by Ryane Olin




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