Improve Your Cornering

Thanks to Mark Sanchez for sharing this excellent video. I’ve watched it. Now if only I could apply Simon’s advice.

His focus is primarily on weighting the outside foot. One thing he doesn’t address is looking as far ahead as possible, rather than at what is right in front of you. This applies when looking through a corner but also to riding in general.

It’s a take-off on Bob Stanton’s mantra – You ride the bike. Let the bike ride the trail.

Think about it – Do you really believe that your bike is incapable of riding the line? Of course not. As you look ahead, your brain assesses what you are facing and helps your body adjust accordingly. Trust your brain and your bike to take care of things as you scan the trail ahead.

If that doesn’t convince you, consider this – There may be nasty stuff in the line. It’s better that you not dwell on this.

3 thoughts on “Improve Your Cornering”

  1. It’s all shot at Duthie. Simon is the man, I’ve taken private and group lessons from him; he does address looking forward in the COMPLETE video, Flowtonic and his first Fluidride video.

    Support him and buy the DVS’s, they are worth the $$

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