Bike Park Builders Kill It Again

A crew of 40 showed up on Sunday, June 3rd, to work at the Castle Rock Bike Park. As usual, we had a very extensive scope-of-work. And, also as usual, we made huge progress.

  • A big crew hit the three jump lines. We haven’t had a chance to get to them because of the wet weather, so this was at the top of the list. The going was difficult because the jumps were pretty overgrown, but we finally got the tops skinned and began working on the shaping. Work remains but the lines are rideable at this time.
  • A smaller crew reworked the rollers on the big pump track and did a significant overhaul of the small track.
  • Kevin brought up a new booter he constructed in his garage. We secured it and backfilled it, which took a ton of material.
  • Work began on a quarter-pipe at the base of the jumps.
  • Chris Laughlin led a comprehensive clean-up of the park.
  • Graveled all transitions in the log-over area and benched and graveled a trail from the north end of the jumps back to the start hill.

The crew included Eric Loney, Rob Boursaw, Ian Thompson, Darrin Shook, Jerry de Ruyter, Ryan Hicks, Ryan McMaster, Sarah Hunter, Phil Elkins, Bryan Mastrich, Ed Jones, Dave LeMonds, Ryane Olin, Nichole Peterson, Tom Eilertson, Mike Patterson, Jackie Viars, Geniece Cooper, Jeff Lipton, Keith Gianella, Chris Laughlin, Dara Sim, Andrew Holder, Mark Sanchez, Peter Wiessner, John Kowalski, April Kincaide, Travis Degn, Sasha Degn, Jeremy Howard, John Toney, Randy Toney, Susan Martin, Steve George, Kevin Knorr, Steve Reed, Jon Van Natta, Suzanne Horvath, Steve Beatty and myself.

Thanks also to Mark Plotkin, who provided lunch for the entire crew for the second time. You will be hearing more about Mark and his new bike shop, Canyonview Cyclery, which will be opening on 14th Avenue in Longview this summer.

We are working hard to prep the park for Mel’s women’s skills day on August 4th and also for the grand opening on September 22nd. Our next work party will be Saturday, July 14th. Our goals are as follows –

  • Complete the quarter-pipe
  • Build the wall ride
  • Complete several drainage projects
  • Tamp and shape the landing for the booter
  • Continue tweaking the small pump track
  • Continue the clean-up of the entire park

We added 220 hours to our total and have now recorded 1,556.5 in less than a year, with 97 different people contributing. See the complete list here.

Jump lines viewed south to north from the start hill. New gravel trail on the left.
Dave LeMonds (right) and John Kowalski work on the new booter.
Another shot of the jump lines, this time viewed north to south
Crew enjoys lunch served by Mark Plotkin of Canyonview Cyclery

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