Pavlov and His Dog

Kelley Hinkle knows how to push people’s buttons.

Hinkle functions as physiologist, psychologist, director and cameraman in a short film titled Crazy Old Fart.

He was riding with Bob Horness at Siouxon. There was one line of dialogue:

Kelly: You know, Bob, I saw a guy ride that bridge one time.

I wonder what happened next.

In the second film, Bob Crashes Again, Bob attempts to clean everything at Stella in a three-minute period. The inevitable occurs at 1:35, but the final episode at the gate is the punchline.

4 thoughts on “Pavlov and His Dog”

  1. You know Kelley stages these scenes..tells me what to do. No one in their right mind could fall that much!

  2. Can’t believe he rode that bridge. They say if you’re not crashing, you’re not pushing things hard enough…to which I call BS.

  3. ok – this is funny – the gate is definitely do-able – which made me laugh but also reminded me how much this word slips my tongue here in MD when I ride with others and it comes to log-over’s. There is just no better training than the NW.

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