Skills Clinic Highlights the Basics

Big thanks to Ryan McMaster for serving as our instructor at Saturday’s skills clinic at the Castle Rock Bike Park.

Even though he was working with sub-par material, Ryan managed to convey some fundamental skills to a group that included Vaughn Martin, Bob and Becki Horness, Kelley Hinkle, Nic Khajavei, Donn Venema, Rommel de Leon, Jeff Lipton, Jack Berry, Marc Kranz, Jon Van Natta, Greg Ogden, and myself.

Ryan emphasized a number of basic techniques that can be practiced at home. He then utilized the pump track, flat drop, sloped drops and log-overs at the bike park to demo and advise.

Everyone who participated picked up valuable tips. We’ll see if those tips translate into improved trail riding.

From the entire group of mere mortals who attended, big thanks to Ryan.

Sensei Ryan McMaster
Ryan demos a drill for improving cornering technique
The discussion continues. As you can see, Ryan was not blessed with a group of honor students

2 thoughts on “Skills Clinic Highlights the Basics”

  1. I really wish I could have attended, Talked with Kevin today about seeing if he and Ryan could hold a 2-3 hour session teaching unskilled riders like me how to get air (on purpose) and land it without carnage.

    Good job Ryan!

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