Huge Effort Keys Work at Castle Rock Bike Park

When Paul and I spoke at the recent NTWA meeting, the easy part was telling them that we could get people to come out for our work parties. What was much harder to explain was how much our guys are able to get done in a limited number of hours. That’s because it’s so difficult to quantify effort.

It might sound like the same old song, but our crews killed it again at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Saturday and Sunday for the usual reason – we had a good plan and great people who worked their asses off.

To say the least, it was a very physical weekend. I’m sure the young dudes jumped out of bed this morning without a hiccup, but it took me a while to convince my body that it was not an immobile object.

Saturday – The weather was dry but very cold, with the temperature about 29 when we started. The crew included Rob Larsen, Greg Ogden, Jon Van Natta, Steve Reed, Vaughn Martin, Ryan McMaster, Ryane Olin, Nicole Peterson, Dave LeMonds and myself.

We made quick work of 246 pavers in three areas – the two run-offs from the start hill to the booters and also the quarter-pipe. We filled the pavers with ground asphalt and gravel and added some dry cement. We are hopeful that this will be the answer to the erosion problems coming off the start hill and will put the quarter-pipe in play for riders coming off the drops.

Kevin and Ryan continued work on the jump lines and Ryane began piecing together some cool stuff on the west side. When you have a skilled operator with a warped imagination, it’s amazing what can be done.

Sunday – Vaughn, Ryan, Ryane, Dave, Kevin, Nicole, and I were back for more. We were joined by Bob Horness, Sarah Hunter, Cristina Mihaescu, Zane Martin, Andrew Holder, Tana Gutzka, Andy Plassmeyer, Jeff Lipton, Don McMaster, Zach Sears, and Wendy Golden.

I’m guessing the thermometer topped out at about 42. It was drizzly and cold the entire day.

When we started on Saturday morning we had 24 yards of ground asphalt and 10 yards of crushed rock. By the end of the day on Sunday, approximately 32 of the 34 yards of material had been moved – all by hand!

We graveled the start hill and a ton of the transition trails – all of which makes the park usable for more days of the year. After Tana, Sarah, and Cristina completed some initial brush work, the crew created three run-ups for the new features on the west side. These include beginner/intermediate and advanced lines through a mix of rock slabs and boulders that will be a real test. In addition, Ryane built a huge flat drop that Kevin proved was in play.

Kevin and Zane continued worked on the jump lines. On the northwest portion of the site, we added a pipe-over (Yes, a pipe-over) that utilizes three pipes and two small logs. By that stage of the day, we were out of asphalt and crushed rock on the west side. In order to deal with the paths leading to and from the pipe-over, we had to wheel material about 100 yards from a pile on the southeast side. It was a hell of a workout.

Stuff –

  • Special shout-outs to Jon Van Natta for picking up the tab for lunch and to Steve Reed for handling pick-up and delivery of the pavers and cement.
  • Ryan got a fire rolling on Sunday and we were able to burn nearly all of the junk pieces.
  • I wasn’t serious when I said last week that it would be cool if someone brought us tequila. April Kincaide took it literally, much to our benefit. She and Christy Mueller stopped by on Sunday afternoon with a fifth of Patron! This gave the entire crew a huge boost.
  • First-time volunteers included Zane Martin, Zach Sears, Wendy Golden, and Cristina Mihaescu. Thanks to all of them. We hope you will be back.




6 thoughts on “Huge Effort Keys Work at Castle Rock Bike Park”

  1. I’m with you Jim. It was hard to move today and I didn’t work as long as you guys. What a great group of people to work with!

  2. in honor of Veteran’s Day I’d just like to let everyone who pushed a wheelbarrow full of asphalt all the way out to the pipe-over know that what you felt was, in US Army terms, what we call “muscle failure.” Nice work.

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