Fundraising for GGR Weedeater Complete – $400 Donated, $0 Needed!

What a tribute to the people who are part of the Growlers community!

It took only 24 hours to raise the $400 for the weedeater, with 20 people contributing¬†and two others saying, “What the heck. Keep the money for the Growlers fund” – even after I told them we had reached our goal.

If you are coming to the after-party at Hop-n-Grape on Saturday, you can give your cash or check to Jack or me. All checks should be made to Jack Berry.

If you are mailing a check, make it to Jack but send it to me: Jim LeMonds, PO Box 651, Castle Rock, WA 98611.

Thanks again to everyone who donated or made an offer.

List of Contributors¬†–

  1. Jack Berry
  2. Krissy Brunsman
  3. Andy Crump
  4. Jerry and Andrea de Ruyter
  5. Kelley Hinkle
  6. Sarah Hunter
  7. Ed Knight
  8. John Kowalski
  9. J. LeMonds
  10. Jeff Lipton
  11. Vaughn Martin
  12. Ryan McMaster
  13. Cristina Mihaescu
  14. Sandy Nguyen
  15. Juntu Oberg
  16. Todd Schierscher
  17. Scooter Sutterer
  18. Mike Van Hoose
  19. Jon Van Natta
  20. Donn Venema

***BONUS – Andrew Holder and Tony Daversa had already put their checks in the mail when I told them we had reached our goal. Both said to use the money for fuel or for food at the next work party.***

Others who contacted me to offer a contribution –

  1. Brian Butler
  2. Erin Chipps
  3. Carolyn Gutsick
  4. Darrell Jamieson
  5. Andy Plassmeyer
  6. Joel Rogauskus
  7. Dave Ruolo
  8. Paul Schneider
  9. Randy Toney

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  1. And here Ive been cleaning trail all these years with hand tools thinking Weyerhaeuser did’t want us using power tools up there.

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