Big Additions at the Castle Rock Bike Park

I realize that some of you who are unfamiliar with GGR work parties probably think I’m blowing smoke when I post reports about how much we accomplished. Trust me – I’m not exaggerating. This past weekend was a full-on shot that produced big results. A specific plan, solid logistics, and the usual kick-ass crew made the difference.

There was not a single thing that was normal about this effort.

Overview – Here is the new stuff. Get down there and take a look. Can’t say enough about how much done.

  • Up and down paver lines on the big hill to the east
  • Start platform at the top of the big hill
  • Dialing of the advanced jump line on the north side
  • Addition of two jumps on the south side
  • Creation of six massive berms on the south side
  • Addition of a rock garden
  • Repairing of all three berms on the elevated trail
  • Weedeater work throughout, including cleaning of the trail along the river
  • Continued build-out of the west side stuff
  • Assorted features, including a new kid’s line, a beginner ramp, a non-risky pipe ride, log-over, a slab ride, and a difficult to describe gnarly feature

Saturday – Things got rolling when Steve Reed and Greg Ogden rolled in with 400 pavers and 15 bags of dry cement. The entire crew went to work, hauling those items – along with 12 railroad ties and 32 ten-foot 2 x 6’s – up that steep-ass hill.

Ryane Olin worked with Rob Larsen, Bob Horness, Jeff Lipton, and Steve to plant two 600 pound cement ties at the bottom of the up and down lines to keep the pavers from sloughing. Once this was done, Rob, Jeff, Bob and Steve started working up the hill, laying the pavers, with assists from a big crew. Meanwhile, Johnny Pearlman, Sandy Nguyen and others began assembling the 10′ x 16′ platform at the top. I anticipated that these jobs might take all day, but they were completed by lunchtime.

Kevin Knorr had pre-built two jumps for the south side. He, Ryan McMaster, and Sarah Hunter got these placed and Paul – the operator for the City of Castle Rock – began staging dirt for them. We got a huge boost from Paul, who was on site both Saturday and Sunday with a Skidsteer and Bobcat and moved untold amounts of dirt and crushed rock.

Ryane and Nicole began assembling the rock garden, and we also had a portion of the crew working on the berms. Kevin had a couple of his jumper friends there, and they got the advanced jump line dialed. We’ve been trying to make it work for a long time and it is finally standing tall.

After lunch, the Sobolewski boys finished a transition line down the middle of the site. Rob and I started building features and were able to finish a slab ride, a pipe ride, and a log-over.

Mike Patterson, Chris Laughlin, Jim Livingston, and Tom Eilersten had the weedeaters buzzing. Tom and Mike got the entire river trail cut back so it should be in great shape.

The Saturday crew included Tana Gutzka, Bob Horness, Sarah Hunter, Kevin Knorr, Rob Larsen, Jeff Lipton, Susan Martin, Ryan McMaster, Sandy Nguyen, Greg Ogden, Ryane Olin, Johnny Pearlman, Nicole Peterson, Cory Robinson, Mike Patterson, Jim Livingston, Tom Eilertsen, Chris Laughlin, Brayton Sobolewski, Lorenzo Sobolewski, Mike Sobolewski, Paul the Operator, Kevin’s buds, and myself. It was a hard-working bunch.

Sunday – We got a little rain in the morning, but no one got discouraged. Ryan took a group and continued grooming the berms. Sarah and a very hardcore crew got the nasty job of revamping the three berms on the existing elevated trail. This was one of the most difficult assignments of the weekend.

Because the insides of the berms is sloughing off and narrowing the line, they had to transport stone pieces to erect a new wall on the inside to about 30 inches and then fill will dirt and gravel. When you add the three sections together, that 30 inch wall they built was approximately 75 feet in length. Think about it. Donn Venema, Sam Clark, Suzanne Horvath, Steve Beatty, Nicole, April Kincaide, Krissy Brunsman and Sarah (Sorry if I’ve left anyone out) deserve special kudos because this was a very physical job.

Ryan had his guys working on the berms while Kevin hit the jumps and Ryane continued to deal with features. Dave and I built a kids’ line and a beginner ramp.

The Sunday crew included, Krissy Brunsman, Sam Clark, David Gulick, Josh Anderson, Jon Van Natta, Donn Venema, Randy Toney, Nicole Peterson, Ryane Olin, Shane Oberg, Juntu Oberg, Ryan McMaster, Dave LeMonds, Kevin Knorr, Sarah Hunter, April Kincaide, Steve Beatty, Andrew Holder, Paul the Operator, a couple more of Kevin’s friends, and myself.

If I could raise my arm I would tip my hat to you guys. It was an incredible effort that makes me proud to be part of Growlers Gulch Racing.

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