Recognition for Bike Park Donors

I’d like to apologize to everyone who donated money to the Castle Rock Bike Park. It’s been two years since we started the project and there are still no tiles recognizing your contributions.

Here’s why –

We’ve had some vandalism in the past six months. The majority of the large tiles have been cracked or broken. GGR member Brandon McNew, who is a Castle Rock police officer, has been patrolling the bike park frequently. However, as you know, a determined vandal is hard to deter.

Paul spent big dollars on a protective cover. I think what’s happening is that when the cover gets hit by a large rock the impact is transferred directly to the tile. We probably need a spacer of some type to lessen the impact, but even that might not solve the problem. Until we come up with a viable plan, I’m hesitant to put up the other tiles.

What now –

Ryane Olin and Greg Ogden are looking into an alternative to the tiles that would involve having all donors listed by category. For example, all of those who contributed $300 for a large tile would be grouped together under a heading such as “Gold Sponsor,” etc. I will report back when they come up with something solid. We want it to be classy

You guys answered the call and need to be taken care of. I can’t promise that it will get done immediately but we have not forgotten.

It’s easy to let this kind of thing get you down, but the overwhelming response to the bike park has been positive. As is the case with society as a whole, most people are fine but there are always going to be a few assholes. When you let the losers discourage you to the point that you give up or lose your mojo, that means they won.

You can view the donor list at

10 thoughts on “Recognition for Bike Park Donors”

  1. Jim
    I think its awesome that so many people have stepped up to donate. However, I do believe if creating a plaque to honor donors creates a huge expense that could better be spent making the park or the trails better, Id say scrap the plaque. While its great to have these donors, isnt the idea behind the donation to create a better park/riding experience instead of publicly getting recognition for giving to the cause? There could be a website, FaceBook page or Jim could email blast donors every once in a while (such as he already does) to give recognition if desired that wouldnt take away from the resources going to the park/trails/maintenance. With this scenario we’d get rid of the vandalism issue too.
    Now, before anyone flames me on here, I just wanna say that I have gifted to the cause a fair amount in money and a little time. So, Im not the guy saying this because I wont be missing out on something for my contributions…
    The other issue this squashes is the idea that any future donors wanting to be added to said plaque wont be creating more burden/expense to have their names added at a later period.

  2. Thanks, Bill. We are looking at all options. I think that most of the donors are just happy the bike park offers a great experience. We just hate going back on a promise.

  3. Oh, also….. Jim works his butt off for this riding area! Why create a lot more work/expense for a guy that already puts in more than all of us? Lets recognize him at this point, he more than adequately represents us and our desires.
    thanks Jim for all you do! The fundraising, the planning, the rallying, the sweet lines, the voice, the updates, the funny public shaming, working with the state for gaining more trail access, making sure we have BEER at work parties, getting us legal camping in trail work areas that dont otherwise allow it, chilling your family out when we do something stupid on their property, chilling the logging company out when we do something on their property, hiding trail tools for us so we can do work outside of planned maintenance days.
    what did I leave out?
    Oh, yes, thanks to all the people that help him with these tasks. You cant do all that without some skilled help.

  4. Jim… Thank you for all the hardwork and keeping a firm line on the access/work parties/info/etc. We need more of this type of management on all the trails, as it keeps people engaged. If you give away something for free to someone they do not appreciate it as much as if they had to earn it…right???
    Other local and national organizations should take note of this style of management and involvement.
    I second the idea of an electronic donor recognition board to ease the burden…sometimes you have to change your promises because you cannot control the outside world….

    Thank you for your efforts!!

    From one the Cyclepath clan….

    Dan Sprouse

  5. Yeah but it takes a ringleader Jim. As you can see at other trail networks they don’t gather the resources that Growlers does. That’s why you deserve so much recognition. Even with all the shaming. Maybe we just like being guilted.

  6. You know you deserve the shaming, Sanchez.

    Bottom line – I just spread the news. Paul, Mel, Dave and a lot of others like yourself are the ones who get things done.

  7. Growlers is a unique situation. Maybe it’s because we are not an official organization. Maybe it’s because the people who ride here know each other and like each other. There is a lot of passion for trail and a great vibe.

    We’ve found that most people want to help out. They just need some guidance. That’s what we provide. It might seem weird because we are not a real organization but our work parties – whether at Growlers, the bike park, or St. Helens – kick ass because we always plan things out in advance. We don’t think it makes sense to ask people to give up a day unless we’re going to have things nailed. People want to be a part of something positive. We try to provide the opportunity.

    Paul has always said that Growlers puts the “party” in work party. Yep, you can get cold and wet, but we just like the chance to be outdoors, laugh a little, and get work done to make the trails better. Oh, yes, there is a chance that beer may be involved. We don’t see build days as some version of the Bataan Death March.

    I’m at a stage in life where I have more time to contribute. Some GGR members have young kids, soccer commitments, weekend work, etc. The expectation is simply for everyone to do what they can.

    Bottom line – if you ride trail, you help build and maintain trail. Seems like a reasonable expectation. As for those we refer to as “trail poachers,” my brother said it best – “They should be welcomed like a stubborn case of chlamydia.”

  8. Jim: Can’t thank you enough with all your efforts except to volunteer every so often. Speaking of which how do I sign up for the Nov trail party? Count me in for the day most of the other CP folks are showing up.

  9. Unbeknownst to you, Bill and several of your Cyclepath buddies already signed you up. Should be a good day. Finalizing some new line and cleaning up some old, with the possibility of starting a serious DH trail.

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