Small Crew Kicks Ass at the CR Bike Park

It probably gets old hearing me say that every work party we have is an ass-kicking effort. But it’s the truth.

On Saturday, September 14th, a small crew got together to put the finishing touches on the Castle Rock Bike Park in preparation for next weekend’s Bike Park Blowout. The group included Dave LeMonds, Kelley Hinkle, Jeff Lipton, Vaughn Martin, Mike Patterson, Rob Larsen, Tom Eilertsen, Jim Livingston, and Paul Peterson.

The park is in better shape than I’ve ever seen it. If you haven’t stopped by in a while, do it. We expect everyone to be there next Saturday to show their support.

Here’s what got done –

  • Kelley and I worked on a couple of new ups and offs for the elevated trail. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Jim, Vaughn, Mike, Jeff, and Tom did a fantastic job of cleaning the entire park.
  • Dave and Rob – with a huge assist from Paul, who was running a machine – completed the new weird-ass feature I have been dreaming of for some time. It is a mixture of concrete slabs, PUD poles, and top deckĀ  and promises to be a great addition.

As usual, once we started working the kids came out like fruit flies. They sampled all the new stuff and let us know that they are ready for next Saturday. We are talking cowbells, sirens, and smiles on every face. Do not miss it.

CR City operator Paul Peterson donated his day to lend a hand. We could not have completed the new line without him.
The White Bearded Satan tests the new feature, which he named "The Boardwalk"


Plan on seeing a lot of this next Saturday - kids on bikes kicking ass
Kelley was my test dummy for testing the new up and off to the elevated trail
Patterson and Lipton trimming the jump lines



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