Bike Park Build Set for April 19th

We will be having only one major build day at the Castle Rock Bike Park. It is scheduled for Saturday, April 19th. We could use about 25 volunteers to assist. Castle Rock Mayor Paul Helenberg will be on hand to serve as our equipment operator.

Start-time is 9 a.m. Lunch provided. We can use a few wheelbarrows so throw yours in if you have one. Bring good gloves and a shovel and/or rake.

We have a lot of items on the agenda and plan to hit it hard.

Scope of Work –

  • Southside Berms – In an effort to provide sustained speed through the six big berms on the south side, we will be laying down pavers on the insides. Rob Larsen and Bob Horness will be the crew chiefs for this job, which will include the installation of 250 pavers. They will need minions to help off-load and transport the pavers and to assist with digging.
  • Advanced Jump Line – We keep plugging away on the jump lines and it is paying off. Randy Toney will lead a group of dirt dogs who will tweak and test the advanced line.
  • Landscaping – We will have approximately three yards of bark dust delivered for beautification. Chris Laughlin will be the crew chief and she has an extensive to-do list that includes trimming trees, laying rock boundaries around all plantings, general clean-up, and weedeating if vegetation has begun to emerge. If the weather is decent, Mike Patterson will also have our new backpack sprayer on hand. He will hit all the lines and begin working the trail along the river as well.
  • Crushed Rock – The City will deliver at least 10 yards of crushed rock. This needs to be dispersed on various lines that will be identified in advanced. The operator should be able to help move the rock. Crew will need to spread it.
  • Signage – We are in the process of replacing the donor sign, which was vandalized. If Dave and Greg have the materials they need and have a solid plan in place, they will be dealing with this project. If not, they will shift to one of the other crews.
  • New Features – I will be working with Paul and perhaps one or two other people to construct several new features using concrete pipe that was recently donated.

Crew –

  1. Josh Anderson
  2. Todd Beach
  3. Paul Helenberg
  4. Andrew Holder
  5. Bob Horness
  6. John Kowalski
  7. Rob Larsen
  8. Chris Laughlin
  9. D. LeMonds
  10. J. LeMonds
  11. Jeff Lipton
  12. Greg O’Brien
  13. Greg Ogden
  14. Mike Patterson
  15. Nicole Peterson
  16. Steve Reed
  17. Randy Toney
  18. Aaron Varney & four members of his scout group


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