2014 Bike Park Blowout Delivers

If smiles on faces was the goal, we definitely achieved it at the 2014 Bike Park Blowout on Saturday.

We had great weather and the kids had a fantastic time. Many of them barely stopped to inhale a hot dog at lunch before getting back to the features.

It’s always difficult to get an accurate count. My guess is that we had 225 to 275 attendees and exceeded last year’s numbers. At one point, we had about 15 kids on the pump track, which may be a record.

Several people commented that the kids seem to be more skilled than ever. It was amazing to see them take on some of the stuff on the west side. Also, the additions we made – particularly the big berms on the south side and some of the semi-gnarly overs on the west side – were a big hit.

My friend Gladys from the Health Department showed up to provide “advice.” I put Chelsey, Steve, Nic, and Barry at the food station because they are good schmoozers. Hinkle tried to goad me into getting involved but I resisted. We learned a lot and should be better prepared to handle things on our own in 2015.

Despite the bad stuff that transpired early in the week, watching the kids enjoy themselves made it all worthwhile.

Thanks to our fantastic volunteers: Preston Antisdel, Reuben Bishop, Colin Campbell, Barry De Semple, Sarah Early, Ed Fischer, Bryanna Foster, Tana Gutzka, Kim Hanley, Randy Hill, Kelley Hinkle, Andrew Holder, Nic Khajavei, Josh Klug, Nikki Klug, Ed Knight, Kevin Knorr, John  Kowalski, Chris Laughlin, Dave LeMonds, Diane LeMonds, Sherry LeMonds, Jeff Lipton, Ben Milstein, Juntu Oberg, Ryane Olin, Greg Ogden, Anna Patterson, Nichole Peterson, Steve Reed, Jon Van Natta, Steve Yost, and Andy Wilson.

Thanks again to Minuteman Press for the print materials, to Canyonview Cyclery for manning the safety check, to the City of Castle Rock for dealing with signage, to Mike Patterson for all of his prep work, to Peace Health for handling the helmet giveaway, to the Care Coalition for their generous donation, and to Brandon McNew for working to secure it.

A few images below. I will see what I can do about putting a vid together.








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