Castle Rock Bike Park to Install Donor Sign

The Castle Rock Bike Park will soon have a first-class to sign to honor those who have donated to the effort from 2011 to the present.

As you probably know, we initially tried to install tiles to recognize contributors. Despite the inclusion of a shield to protect them, they were broken by vandals.

After a great deal of soul-searching and research, the informal board of directors for the bike park unanimously decided to go with a very professional, graffiti-resistant sign produced by Fossil Industries.

We’re never going to have much of a budget and – while this purchase will drain most of our existing funds – we don’t see any time down the line when we will be in a financial position to make this kind of outlay if we don’t act now. Most importantly, however, we all agreed that it was time to do something for those who have made cash or in-kind contributions.

As Randy Toney said when we were discussing the fact that we will be near balance zero after this purchase: “Somehow, we always seem to be able to make things work out.”

Dave will handle the graphics. Once he has a mock-up ready to go, I will be in touch with everyone who donated to ensure that their names are spelled correctly and that all text associated with their listing is as they want it.

The full-color sign will consist of three panels, each of which will be 36 inches by 48 inches. The sign is warrantied for 10 years, and paint can be removed with a solvent without damaging the sign.

If you would like to be included or if you would like to bump your contribution to the next level, please let me know and we will make sure you are taken care of. Sponsorship listings are available at $75 (Bronze), $150 (Silver), $300 (Gold), $500 (Platinum), and $1,000 (Diamond).

The samples below do not represent the style we will be purchasing but they do give a general idea of quality.






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