Fourth Annual Blowout Puts Smiles on Faces

The Fourth Annual Bike Park Blowout at the Castle Rock Bike Park on September 12 was a huge success. We had perfect weather, plenty of dedicated volunteers, and a ton of enthusiastic riders. What more could you ask for?

There were 15 challenge stations, with helmet stickers for each one attempted and medals for those earning 15 stickers. The kids rode the heck out of every feature.

We received all kinds of positive comments about the park and the event.

Thanks our great volunteers. I’m probably leaving some people out, but I know these folks were there: Preston Antisdel, George Barnett, Andrea de Ruyter, Jerry de Ruyter, Barry DeSemple, Sarah Early, Kim Hanley, Randy Hill, Ann Hinkle, Kelley Hinkle, Bob Horness, Kalin Horness, Kim Hort, Teek Hort, Nic Khajavei, Josh Klug, Nikki Klug, Bryana Kowalski, John Kowalski, Laurie Larsen, Rob Larsen, Chelsey LeMonds, Dave LeMonds, Diane LeMonds, Sherry LeMonds, Jeff Lipton, Vaughn Martin, Ben Milstein, Greg Ogden, Anna Patterson, April Silva, Herb Tai, and Andy Wilson.

Also, thanks so much to our sponsors – Canyonview Cyclerly, Minuteman Press, Longview Physical & Sports Therapy, PeaceHealth, North Country Recreation Association, the City of Castle Rock, the Castle Rock Baptist Church, and Growlers Gulch Racing.

Just a few photos here to give you a feel for the vibe. I should have the vid ready by the end of the week.
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One thought on “Fourth Annual Blowout Puts Smiles on Faces”

  1. Had a great time again this year – took quite a bit to get Sascha to leave:)

    Thanks again for all the work that goes into a great place for kid (young and not so young) to come have fun at:)


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