Cornering Technique by Simon Lawton

Check this advanced cornering skills vid by Simon Lawton. He refers to this technique as “snapping a turn.” The DH guys at Growlers sometimes call it “squaring off a corner.”

A few years ago, Kevin Knorr and Ryan McMaster put on a cornering clinic at Growlers. Their advice was similar to what Simon is emphasizing.

The place at Growlers that puts the most focus on this technique is that big left-to-right downhill sweeper on Trust Me. Either you ride aggressively and snap that turn, or you float off over the edge and into oblivion.

2 thoughts on “Cornering Technique by Simon Lawton”

  1. Here is another good tutorial. To me, this is very similar in feel to an aggressive downhill ski turn.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jim, this is great! I liked the “swing” analogy in the video and practiced this today on the many rad, burmed turns at Growlers. I met and rode with Simon along with Evil owner, Kevin Walsh while they were lost while sampling some of the DH trails at Scappoose many years ago. Great guys.

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