Growlers Gulch Ride Guide

The Ride Guide is intended primarily for GG regulars. The purpose is to lay out possibilities that might add a little variety to your ride route.

Signage and GPS coordinates will never be included. As things develop, I will try to add total mileage, photos and ascent for each ride.

The Ride Guide is password protected. If you’ve done trail work at Growlers or the Castle Rock Bike Park in the past year, you can contact me and I will send it to you. Sharing the password will subject you to a lifetime ban.

Some people – Crump in particular – will complain that the directions are not specific enough. What is it about “Turn left at the reddish-brown stick just past the smaller fern” that he doesn’t understand?

You will need to feel your way in places. As noted, the intent is not to provide directions so precise that someone who shows up for the first time will be able to navigate things.

If you have a route you would like to add, let me know.


22 thoughts on “Growlers Gulch Ride Guide”

  1. Yes please. This whole time I was looking for a right turn at the reddish-brown stick. Words get so twisted…

  2. Count me in for protecting the PW. I’ll forget it as soon as I get it, so no worries on my leaking it. Thanks

  3. Is it a funny combination of yours and Dave’s name because I think I tried them all……. Also I tried ryaneisawesome, and it’s not that.

  4. What is it about “Turn left at the reddish-brown stick just past the smaller fern” that he doesn’t understand?

    You know, I found myself asking Dara last weekend “oh, is that that trail with the tree?” 😛

  5. Admittedly, I am not a growler’s regular, but I’d like to become one someday. May I pretty please, have the password?

  6. I am interested in checking out the trail system. where is the best place to get information? Does it ride well during the winter months?

  7. Growlers drains well. We ride here throughout the entire year. We are on private timberland, so there is no signage. If you’d like to come up and connect for a tour, let me know.

  8. May I have the password please. I took part in last year’s trail repair work on Mt St Helens. I would also like to come up from Portland for a tour.

  9. Newer to the Vancouver area and I would love to get a tour of the trail system as well as help w/ some trail maintenance . I would appreciate the password thx!

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