Baby Steps Adding Up at the Castle Rock Bike Park

It’s slow going, but the beat goes on at the Castle Rock Bike Park.

The south end of the site now has a ramp that should enable riders of all ability levels to easily access the common area and the feature trail that will follow.

A 36″ flat drop coming off the common area is nearly complete. The only thing missing is a ramp that will give mere mortals a chance. You’ll have to use your imagination because the plan does not call for a traditional ramp. This one will be dropped down, so that your front wheel will be in the air for a bit before it gets help. Real riders should be able to launch off the platform and clear the outermost part of the ramp where it touches the ground. As usual, all you need to do is trust me.

Here are a few other things in the works:

  • Large, professional-looking sign donated by the City of Castle Rock will be up soon
  • The City is donating 100+ yards of gravel. Their crew will haul and spread the gravel on the perimeter trail. We will also have several loads staged at various spots in the skills area so that we can create paths to various features. This should increase your chances of staying out of the slop.
  • Thanks to Ryan and Don McMaster, we are hooked up with the PUD. They have already dropped off several loads of poles and we expect to receive more.
  • As we receive more poles, we inch closer to starting the build of the key feature on the east side – a 220 foot elevated trail that will serpentine across the site and offer three berms that we hope will provide some G-forces. And that trail will be bisected by two 125′ lines running parallel to each other from one end of the site to the other.

If I haven’t already made it clear – it’s going to take a village. We’ve had 49 people contribute time onsite to day. My goal is to get that total to at least 100.

We are doing our best to avoid burning people out by not calling on you more frequently than every couple of months. But even when we have access to equipment, there are some situations that require boots on the ground. We would love to see everyone get involved.

There are still details to be worked out, but I think there’s a chance we will have a major work day at the bike park within the next six to eight weeks. Depending on the materials available, we may be able to use 30 to 40 people.

Also, we need everyone to check their scrap piles again (and their neighbors’ scrap piles as well) for pressure-treated and outdoor wood. It’s going to take a bunch to cover what we have planned.

Access ramp in foreground with flat drop behind. The flat drop doesn't look that high, but wait until you're up there on your bike



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