Flat-Drop Now Complete

We had room for a 36″ flat-drop on the south end of the site at the Castle Rock Bike Park, so I decided to build a hybrid.

Instead of simply rolling into a three-foot drop, which would probably be beyond the reach of those of us who are mere mortals, I add a unique, stepped-down ramp.

I’m hoping that real riders will be able to clear the ramp when they launch and that the rest of us will have something to catch our front wheel when we fail to execute a wheelie-drop.

Cool - but probably a little too tame for you guys


I had the crew give it a safety test. You are good to go.

2 thoughts on “Flat-Drop Now Complete”

  1. Good for the long chainstay 29ers…which are a wee bit harder to wheelie drop but also harder to go over the bars on (though when you do, it’s a longer drop).

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