Bike Park Crew Makes Huge Progress


A day that was on the edge of being written off because of snow ended up being one of the most productive thus far at the Castle Rock Bike Park. A crew of eighteen braved the weather, and did they ever get the job done.

I got a text from Ryane at 6:48 saying that he was onsite with an excavator. No turning back now. I barely made it out of Growlers Gulch Road, with plenty of all-wheel drift on the hill going up to PH-10, and was at the bike park by about 7:15. Dave, Patterson, Lipton and others began arriving almost immediately.

Things got off to a slow start. We got a big fire going and took some time to adjust our plan. But once we got ramped up, we started kicking serious ass and accomplished far more than any of us had expected.

John Toney showed up with his Skidsteer and suddenly we were moving huge amounts of material. Ryane was working with crew to plant posts, Kevin was hitting the booter, and Dave and others were working on the elevated trail, the willow feature, and the berms.

Here’s what we got done.

  • Staged the willow chunks to the southwest corner, spaced them and used 4 x 4s to span them. Pinned them with rebar, attached a ramp, and built an off. All that needs to be done is to add top deck
  • Randy revamped the radius of the berms that are part of the elevated trail and they are much larger now. Crew created an 18″ retaining wall and used posts, scrap lumber and plastic to create cribbing. John filled the space with dredge spoils and capped it with dirt. Two of three are roughed out and they are huge.
  • Ryane created a second elevated common area on the north end of the site, using concrete from the street project. He filled it with dredge spoils and capped it with crushed rock. It needs to solidify but should be just what we are looking for.
  • We planted a number of posts for the elevated trail. Dave, Patterson, Lipton and others started putting up stringers to span them.
  • Kevin and his crew finished the booter on the east side of the elevated area.
  • Ryane began creating a series of drops on the west side of the site.

Huge thanks to everyone who showed up – Ryane, Dave, Mike Patterson, Jeff Lipton, Brad and Carla, David Achata, Alan Neilson, Jon Vanetta, Steve Reed, Dave Webb, John Toney, Randy Toney, John Kowalski, Vaughn Martin, Bob Horness, and Kevin Knorr.

Thanks also to Papa Pete’s and Minuteman Press for providing pizza for the entire crew.

Ryane begins work on drops on the west side of the site


Patterson and Lipton watch Dave work on the elevated trail


Crew works on one of the berms on the elevated trail

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  1. Oops…thanks to non-biker John Toney and his expertise on the skid steer and dump truck. Much appreciated.

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