6 thoughts on “A-Bomb Snow Ride”

  1. Great riding up there, tons of fun.

    Props to everyone that helped build A-Bomb. Great end on the day ride.

    We ran into a few issues in the snow. #1 Our rather spikey flat pedals would ice over every trail or so, we had to use sticks to clear them out. Non stick cooking spray may help keep them clear. #2 The rear derailuer and cassettes also got iced up, so you may want to spray them down as well.

    #3 Bring lights just in case. I left the lights on in my Jeep & we had to ride out to Delameter to get a ride. We were out until 6:30. After 5 hours of riding it was dark & wet & cold. Wish I had a pair of warm socks, gloves and dry shoes.

    #4 The next day when we went to jump start the Jeep, the forest roads were still quite snowy, but it was wet snow. That wet snow packed down to ice after 1 pass. We almost lost a rig over the cliff while trying ot turn around. Luckily we had tow straps and Nicks rather capable Jeep to save teh day. So park accordingly and keep a shovel & recovery gear in the car just in case.

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