Pine Trees and Prep Work

A small crew was on hand at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Friday, February 25th to assist with the planting of eight pine trees that Chris Laughlin procured for us through Watershed Garden Works in Longview.

Andy Plassmeyer

We had decided to go with larger trees, and we weren’t disappointed. These are in the 10- to 15-foot range.

Thanks to the crew – Tom Eilertsen, Rob Larsen, Mike Patterson, Jack Berry, Andy Plassmeyer, and Chris. We set things up in advance with the City of Castle Rock and they were able to have a backhoe and operator onsite to help move the trees from the trailer to the pre-dug holes. It saved a lot of work.

Props to both Chris and Watershed for the deal we got. We paid $50 apiece for trees that normally run $175. In addition, Watershed provided free delivery. Total savings was approximately $1,100.

Watershed is located at 2039 44th Avenue in Longview. When it comes time to purchase your plants, stop by and check them out. If you make a buy, tell them how much we appreciate the deal they gave us.

Let’s do whatever we can to re-pay those who have helped us.

On Sunday, Dave, Ryan, Don McMaster and I did prep work for the March 11th work party. Don cut additional slabs for a feature on the west side and we hauled some of the materials to the start point.

We also got a big jump on things by cutting the remaining 16 posts for the elevated trail and moving them to the pre-dug holes. This should save a significant amount of  time on the 11th.

(L-R) Rob Larsen, Chris Laughlin, Mike Patterson, Tom Eilertsen, Andy Plassmeyer and Jack Berry


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