Vids from Kelley, Rob

Hearing Kelley talk about the balmy weather in Tucson has left me a little testy. After reading one of his recents Facebook posts I told him that I hoped he fell down and broke himself. He did his best to accommodate me.

Unreal vid that Rob Larsen notified me about. Just goes to show that you can perform at the bike park without owning a high-end ride.

3 thoughts on “Vids from Kelley, Rob”

  1. Just doing my best to have as much fun as I can!These trails are so rocky, chuncky and filled with rubble. There really isn’t much flow to the trails, it’s more bouncing and bucking.
    See ya all in a month or so…

  2. Kelley bike skills continue to improve…as do the places he rides. I’ve refrained from bitching about the weather in the Pac NW but right now it SUCKS!! Thanks for reminding us what it’s like to ride in the dry.

  3. Rob’s vid is incredible. It’s like this guy from a third-world country finds this piece of shit bike and then performs some pretty amazing moves on it. I guess it’s all about the skill not the bike. Damn…

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